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Calvin & Hobbes: This is a job for…

Calvin & Hobbes: This is a job for...


When It’s You


when its you



When It’s You






It’s easy to sit in judgment

To say this is what should’ve been done that day

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who has to take someone’s life away




It’s easy to act the pharisee when your closet is all neatly locked

When no one sees what you’ve hidden there

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Whose dirty laundry is drying in the open air




It’s easy to feel disgust and hurt

To be angry and outraged all the way

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who has to say love has forever gone away




It’s easy to condemn and vilify

When you have dislike already in the same

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who can see another side to the pain




It’s easy to be all up in arms

To say the way it all should go

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who has to lay somebody low




It’s easy to see the bitter truth

To know which direction is absolutely right

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who has to walk a tangled path on a moonless night




It’s easy to see in black and white

To know what everyone should think and say

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who has to wade through waves of pounding grey




It’s easy to say how you would’ve been

That you would never have acted as another has done

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who is handed the still exploding smoking gun




It’s easy to tell another it will be all right

To instruct them to stand and walk again

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who has to go on living with the pain




It’s easy to smile and say placating words

To pat a back and then walk away

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who has to face the fear day to day




It easy to say that time heals all wounds

That one day these things will be a memory too distant to recall

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who has to start from scratch and rebuild it all




You might think you can walk in another’s shoes

You might even have a similar tread

But it’s not so easy when it’s you

Who is the ant trying to see over the elephants head




So don’t sit in judgment or say what should be done

Until you’ve walked a mile in those shoes

Because it’s not so easy when it’s you

Whose life is being weighed by someone else’s ignorant views









“Against criticism a man can neither

Protest nor defend himself;

He must act in spite of it,

And then it will gradually yield to him.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




Your Eyes


Your Eyes



Your Eyes






In your eyes I see morning

Light breaking on the horizon

A gentle soothing balm




In your eyes there are depths

Whirlpools of unfathomable thought

Patient and calm




In your eyes I see stars

Revolving around my world

Tides of gravity and mirth




In your eyes are answers

Sense amidst chaos

Sends me floating above the earth




In your eyes I could bask

For an eternity of time

Warmer than the sun




In your eyes I can see

Beginnings without an end

And I just come undone









The Reason Why


The Reason Why



The Reason Why





You can’t choose who you love

It just shines through

Like the stars above

You just know

You just do

Your heart chooses for you



It doesn’t take much

So very little

A look, a laugh, a touch

A moment shared

Takes just an instant

And your heart is snared



Logic doesn’t play a part

When loves knocks

And takes away your heart

It’s too late

It’s up and gone

The rest is up to fate



Love doesn’t let you choose

So there’ll be times you’ll win

And times you’ll lose

Sometimes love will leave a bruise

You’ll howl at the moon

Sing the blues



But you can’t stop love

It just is

Like the moon up above

Like the sun in the sky

It’s a force, a law, a need

Love is the reason why








Look Up


Look Up



Look Up





I looked up at the stars last night
Burning so clear, so radiant, so bright
And wondered about galaxies distant eons away
And thought about a happy future day

I drifted around in my mind to a time
When all hurts are healed and everything is fine
When those sleeping safe will wake up
When life will be an endless full cup

I thanked my friend there up above
Who sent his dearest one with love
Who gave a gift we can never repay
A hope that can illuminate the darkest day

I wondered what I would have been
If I had never known it, if I had never seen
The truth, the way, that bright shining light
Like the stars above, beacons of hope in the night

I saw around me the ones who have given in
Those that are looking down or are looking in
They do not look above to the hope sparkling there
They only see the now, and so they despair

Then I saw also, those who look up in the night
They look to the future, look to the right
Those who have made a friend of that one up above
Who know his care and feel his love

I could see them smiling though the sun goes down
They survive the storms in which others drown
Like me, they look up to see burning stars shining still
Knowing with certainty, that their hope is real






~ inspired by Dave and Jo…

…after Katie began her peaceful sleep ~



“We do not want you to be ignorant concerning those who are sleeping in death; that you may not sorrow just as the rest also do who have no hope.”

- 1 Thessalonians 4:13, the Apostle Paul



“Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment.”

- John 5:28, 29, Jesus Christ




Collage for Broken





Ignoring my please and my cries

Immune to the tears in my eyes

He threw away my love and took my life

He may as well have carved out my heart with a knife



Would have given my life to save his

But he left me alone and gave me this

Turned his back, walked away, didn’t care

Left me drowning in grief, suffocating in despair



And now he comes again dragging me back

More pain to inflict, old wounds to stab

With more sins to hide and lies to tell

He’s taking me with him, down to hell



Eyes shut to the neon crimson of my pain

A heart broken in pieces all over again

Torn and bleeding scattered across the floor

I just can’t take any of it anymore



How many times can one soul die

Drowning in the tears tired eyes have cried?

How many times spent alone in an endless night

Before a crushed spirit gives up the fight?



How much loss do I have to take?

Weeping at this funeral without a wake?

These hot pokers keep stabbing through

I never saw them coming, I never knew



How many times must the innocent pay?

Cos these snapping dogs just won’t go away

Lost everything that ever mattered

Now they come to crush a soul already shattered



Want to sleep where it’s safe and warm

Just can’t take the bitter cold anymore

Can’t run, can’t hide, can’t cry, can’t scream

Can’t wake up from this nightmare dream



All the things I thought I knew

Burned to ashes, leaving just what’s true

The dreams, the hopes, what I believe

Are washed away by tears as I grieve



Feeling like I can’t go on

How long must I sing this heartbreak song?

How can I win when it’s all so wrong?

Just been struggling alone for far too long.






~ written when sorely in need of a ‘eucatastrophe’ ~



“I coined the word ‘eucatastrophe’: The sudden happy turn in a story which pierces you with joy that brings tears… I concluded by saying that the Resurrection was the greatest ‘eucatastrophe’ possible in the greatest Fairy Story – and produces that essential emotion: Christian joy… it comes from those places where joy and sorrow are at one, reconciled, as selfishness and altruism are lost in love.”

- J. R. R. Tolkien



Quote: Save the Earth!


Save the Earth




An Ode to Chocolate Cake


An Ode to Chocolate Cake



An Ode to Chocolate Cake





Chocolate cake o Chocolate cake

How I love thee!

Thou art like a slice of heaven to me

Thou art so scrumptious sitting there on thou plate

Thou be just more temptation than this girl can take

Rich and moist and ever so yummy

I can’t wait to put thou in my tummy!

Thou taste SO divine made with cocoa, flour, sugar and egg

For another slice of thou I am willing to beg

Thou icing is thick and just so delicious

Thou fulfil every one of this hungry girls wishes

Thou wilt keep me awake all night cos thou art full of caffeine

But I care not for thou art a Chocolaty dream!

My pants thou may cause to be a little more tight

But I just close my eyes and take another dreamy bite

Thou calories are many – full of carbohydrates galore

I really shouldn’t have brought thou home from the store

And thanks to thou loveliness I might end up the size of a house

But that’s ok – I’m not planning on ever having a spouse

Chocolate cake o chocolate cake

How I love thee

Thou art the only cake for me!








“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.

Coincidence? I think not!”

- Anon


“Save the earth! It’s the only planet with chocolate.”

- Anon












When days are dark

And skies are grey

When friends depart

Nothing left to say



When the tide’s gone out

Seeming never to return

When reality’s clout

Really starts to burn



When it feels all over

Like the final gong

When you feel alone

And everything is wrong



When your tears fall

Heavier than rain

When your heart is crushed

And full of pain



When wounds from the past

Still hurt a whole bunch

When things change fast

And it’s all too much



When straws are rafters

And the rafters are long

When happily ever afters

seem gone gone gone…




…just think of me

And I’ll be near

I’ll never desert you

There’s no need to fear



Call my name

Where ever you are

I’m a breath away

And that’s not so far



I’ll hold your hand

Till the night is through

Side by side we’ll stand

Just me and you



I’ll catch your tears

I’ll dry your eyes

I’ll keep you near

Till that new sunrise



I’ll help you smile

We’ll share a laugh

And in a little while

You’ll be back on the path



We can face the end

We can make it through

Together my friend

There’s nothing we can’t do







“Do not be anxious over anything,

but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving

let your petitions be made known to God;

and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard your hearts

and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.”

- Philippians 4:6,7




Please Don’t


Please Dont



Please Don’t



You’re here I’m floating high

You’re here I laugh out loud

You’re gone I wanna cry

You’re gone my fears crowd


Please don’t ask me why



Your voice in my mind

Your laugh takes away cold

Your hopes close to mine

Your words my heart hold


Please don’t let it unwind



You make me feel so free

But leave me so scared

You make me long to see

You leave my soul so bared


Please don’t hide from me



Wondering if you’re for real

Hoping that it’s all true

Wondering if you deeply feel

Wondering how far it goes


Please don’t let warmth chill



I’ve accepted fates little dare

I’ve reached so far gone

I’ve fallen way past care

I’ve arrived beyond any doubt


Please don’t abandon me there








Out On The Blue





Out On The Blue




You know me

But we’ve never met

This can’t be real

But I can’t forget



I was drifting

Then I found you

Just like me

Out on the blue



I sent a grin

You gave a smile

It took just a second

To sail a mile



We saw a picture

In shades of blue

We gazed a while

Enjoying the view



I saw things

I’d never seen

A life in color

A sepia dream



Clouds drifted over

When cold wind blue

But we pushed them away

And the sun shone through



There’s no hiding

Out on the blue

There’s no pretend

It’s truer than true



So take a chance

Let’s sail away

No second thought

Let’s leave today



Because in the distance

I see the view

Shades of laughter

Out on the blue








A Heart


A Heart



A Heart




In the end everyone betrays you

That’s the way I felt

After those words you spoke

After those cards you dealt



Because I thought you knew me

I really did

But I was wrong

For I couldn’t see the cards you hid



It’s not so much what you said

It’s more that you felt you had to say it

Cos I knew I didn’t have the hand

So I never would have played it



You looked me straight in the eyes

And you told a lie

But I refused to join you

And I refused to cry



I let you go easy

I let you walk away

I knew there was nothing I could have said

To change the game in play



But as soon as that door closed

As soon as your footsteps faded away

The walls came crashing in

And how long I bled I cannot say



You changed the game half way through

Something I didn’t see

I never would have believed it

I never would have believed ‘we’ couldn’t be



You couldn’t see the heart you held

And I didn’t see the joker

I thought the game in play was five hundred

But apparently we were playing poker



But I don’t feel betrayed anymore

I’m happy and I’ve moved on

Because after I threw in my hand

The stars still came out and the sun still shone



So I may be not be your Queen of Hearts

But you are not my King

A new hands been dealt now

And who knows what tomorrow will bring



I still may not win every trick

I still may not see the bluff

But I’ll always have a heart in my hand

And that’s going to be enough








“It’s so easy to fall in love

But hard to find someone

Who will catch you”

- Anon












So done with this

Time to walk away

Not worth the trouble

Ain’t worth the pain

Got places to go

Elsewhere to be

Waiting ain’t the thing

Time to run free



Forget this slow crawl

Take that fast train

Waiting won’t work it

Gotta fly that plane

Sing into cold silence

Fill emptiness with sound

Dance through still rooms

Ain’t worth hanging around



Chance given to fly

Just gotta take it

Don’t doubt or blink

Just can’t fake it

Suspended above the void

Gotta break that chain

Take that cosmic leap

Go against the grain



Rocket to the moon

Touch the suns face

Fly to the stars

Trip through outta space

Don’t need a leash

Get going get gone

Not time to hesitate

Time to move on






Take This





Take This





Switch it off

Walk away

Take these thoughts

Take this day



Close it down

Let go

Take these feelings

Take this woe



Turn it out

Give relief

Take these yearnings

Take this grief



Push it down

Roll again

Take these losses

Take this pain



Close the lid

Back up

Take these failures

Take this cup



Zip it up

Be free

Take these wishes

Take this dream



Snap the lock

Kick in

Take these treasures

Take this win



Take the leap

Break clear

Take these hopes

Take this fear



Breath in deep

New start

Take these gleanings

Take this heart









“The game of life is not so much in holding a good hand

as playing a poor hand well”

~ H.T. Leslie



Miss You More


Miss You More



Miss You More




I went down to the sea

I stared out over the water

I sat for a while as the wind blew

I walked along the shore

And it just made me miss you more



I went out for a while

I paced fast and long

I played my music loud

I jogged back to my door

And it just made me miss you more



I went out for a long drive

I drove for miles far away

I went to places I’d never been

I made that engine roar

And it just made me miss you more



I went to see a funny movie

I laughed right out loud

I laughed till tears ran down

I laughed right to my core

And it just made me miss you more



I went out with my friends

I drank wine and we ate

I listened and I talked

I felt my spirit lift and soar

And it just made me miss you more



I sat home all alone

I listened to music soft and light

I went to bed and tossed and turned

I lay awake till four

And it just made me miss you more



I caught a train to go to work

I was jostled by the crowd

I had to stand all the way

I stood right by the door

And it just made me miss you more



I went into the bustling city

I walked down to the Quay

I wandered paths, parks and gardens

I was charmed by all I saw

And it just made me miss you more



I looked out to the harbor heads

I saw waves smash against cliff and stone

I saw white wash and sunshine

I saw ships sailing to a distant shore

And it just made me miss you more



I stood out on my balcony

I gazed at the heavens wheeling over head

I saw a shooting star streak

I was filled with awe

And it just made me miss you more



I have found no cure

I haven’t discovered a way

I constantly recall and remember

I haven’t the heart to ignore

And it just makes me miss you more









Quote: Robert Brault

Go to a noisey place and look in quiet corners


These Four Walls


These Four Walls



These Four Walls





These four walls

Are closing in

These four walls

Are a prison

These four walls

Hear echo calls

These four walls

Where time stalls

These four walls

Keep it hidden

These four walls

See tears unbidden



These four walls

Quiet in repose

These four walls

Take the blows

These four walls

Give no reprieve

These four walls

Soul can’t breath

These four walls

The truest friends

These four walls

Silence never ends



These four walls

Know they’re out

These four walls

Hear talk about

These four walls

Hear no ringing

These four walls

All alone singing

These four walls

Just don’t think

These four walls

Lonely hearts sink



These four walls

Just don’t understand

These four walls

Alone was unplanned

These four walls

Hoped they’d care

These four walls

Left to despair

These four walls

Breaking here unseen

These four walls

What should’ve been



These four walls

See the plight

These four walls

Clipped in flight

These four walls

Feel the pain

These four walls

So lonely again

These four walls

Though not tough

These four walls

Will rise above



These four walls

See it through

These four walls

Strength from you

These four walls

Faith vanquishes fear

These four walls

Keep him near

These four walls

Full of prayers

These four walls

Know he cares







Go to a noisey place and look in quiet corners












You can see the light in my green eyes

Can see the way my blonde hair lies

Can see the way I smile and sigh

But you can’t see what I am inside



You know my face, but you don’t know me

I’m more than this physicality

I’m deeper than this skin you see

Ethereal as foam on an endless sea



I’m invisible as I drift around

A stranger to this familiar town

A happy face, a cheerful clown

A waif drowning without a sound



Nowhere to land, nowhere to belong

Like a discordant sounding distant song

The key is off, the rhythms wrong

The notes too high to sing along



Muted shouting no one hears

Gagged by loss, bound by fears

I laugh while shedding silent tears

No one hears heartache beneath the cheer



A heart is clanging like a sailors bell

A storm is raging, a private hell

Dreams lie scattered where they fell

But the invisible will never ever tell



Colours blink out replaced by beige

I scream, I cry, I rage

I have to get off this careening stage

Break the bars of this invisible cage



I’m not alone, not the only one

Others are drifting without a sun

Scared to hope, too tired to run

Waiting for night to end and day to come



Invisible people wanting to land

Tired of being blown round like sand

Reaching with an outstretched hand

Choosing to believe what they don’t understand



I need to breath out in the light

Let sunshine heat this silent night

Fill the void with new and bright

Take the black and colour it white



Halt this ghostly merry go round

Anchor my shadow to the ground

Fill the muted with harmonious sound

Trust everything lost will be found



Deep inside, beyond the fear and grief

All that’s solid waits there beneath

Its real and warm with firm belief

A place for hope to lay down her wreath



I want to taste life rich like cream

Waking up to the impossible dream

With a soul in colour like it’s always been

No longer invisible, but known and seen








Dead Sexy

Dead Sexy




Dead Sexy




She lives to be dead

Dead sexy that is

Tossing her coiffured head

Strutting all movie star

All ‘I’m just out of bed’



Thinking she’s quite the thing

With that made up face

That practiced grin

Big white teeth flashing

Above that determined chin



It’s just too bad honey

You sat hypnotised

While she cried like it was funny

Blowing you that kiss

As she made like time was money



It’s such a shame babe

When you thought you had love

It was just a charade

Cos she was looking for a spotlight

While you were standing in the shade



Her loves a shadow on the wall

A candle in the wind

But you took the fall

Realising too late the words she spoke

Were just illusions after all



Conversation is a one way street

A self absorbed

Scratched record on repeat

Nothing of substance

A ‘kill me now’ boring bleat



“Look at me, look at me

I’m just so gorgeous

So popular, can’t you see

The cutest thing ever

Don’t you wish you were with me?”



Good lord, WHAT a bore

Take me out, shoot me

Nail my ears to the floor!

I’d rather be dead or deaf

Than sit through an encore



You would’ve picked it

If you’d been there to listen

Those actors eyes were all a glisten

And you would’ve seen it

If you hadn’t been lost in the frisson



Do you think she’ll ever know

Sniggering behind her back

He mimics her silly pose?

He’s seen it so many times

He knows exactly how it goes



So the bottom line?

Is dead sexy really the thing?

Not to the broken heart left behind

Sexy is as sexy does

And dead sexy is clearly for a shallow mind



Don’t go there girl, keep it true

Keep it real, be sincere

Present a bare all honest view

For mercy’s sake…

Just be you.







“The average woman would rather have beauty than brains,

Because the average man can see better than he can think.”

- Anon




Quotes: Anon… Not Your Mascara

Guy who will ruin your lipstick


For A While


For a While




For A While




You were a jerk

You were a lad

You made me laugh

You were a cad

Made me confused

Made me mad

Made me despair

Made me sad

I wasn’t forever

Just your latest fad



But for all that…

…I’m still glad



You made me happy

Made me smile

Gave me hope for a while




You were a coward

You ran and hid

You made me your patsy

When you did what you did

You made me angry

You made me livid

Made me furious

Made me lose it

Made me crazy

Made me bear it



But for all that…

…I’m still missing it



You made me happy

Made me smile

Gave me hope for a while




You were my friend

You were a lie

You made me weep

You made me cry

Made me feel

Made me sigh

Made me question

Made me wonder why

Made me truthful

Made me lie



But for all that…

…I’m still alive



You made me happy

Made me smile

Gave me hope for a while







Stupid Game





Stupid Game





Thought if there was anyone I could trust

It’d be one of us

Someone who’d been through the storm

Been through the rain

Someone who knew the pain

But I was wrong

You’re just another ‘done me wrong’ song

You’re just the same

It’s a different storm but the same old ship

Same old howling wind

Same old could’ve been

You made me finally believe

Thought I’d found my reprieve

But you’re just another guy

Looking to have his cake and eat it too

With no intention to follow through

You painted pretty pictures

With your invisible ink

Then wiped them all away and left me to sink

Wanted the prize but not the work

You left me here bleeding

You left me here alone you jerk

You’ve made me bitter

You’ve made me hurt

I’ve cried tears over you that you don’t deserve

I didn’t think you would play a game

But you did

And even so you won’t take any blame

You refuse to face my pain

 We should be above all this

Above the Judas kiss

You talked the talk

But weren’t prepared to walk the walk

So you ran and you hid

You weren’t made to face what you did

You went back to your little world

Where no accusations could be hurled

Where no one would lay any blame

Where you can hide in cowardly shame

At least I now know what you are

So there’ll be no permanent scar

It’s just a shame

It was all just some stupid game









I Don’t Want



I Don't Want



I Don’t Want



 I don’t want to miss you

But I do

I don’t want to care

But I don’t know how not to




I don’t want to cry anymore

But the tears just flow

I don’t want to hurt anymore

But the pain won’t go




I don’t want to call you up

Just to hear your voice

I don’t want to have you in my heart

But it seems I don’t have a choice




I don’t want to picture you

Every second thought

I want to say good bye and let you go

Like everyone says I ought




I don’t want this awful emptiness

To be so deeply sad

I wasn’t looking to feel this

And that I do makes me mad




I don’t want or need this

I’ve been through beyond enough

That this has happened to me so soon

Is just too rough




I don’t want this weeping soul

Tears falling till eyes can’t see

I wish I’d never met you now

I wish I were free







Good Bye, Good Bye




Good Bye, Good Bye





I told a lie

I set you free

I didn’t want guilt

Binding you to me

I waved you off

I said good bye

Farewell my friend

Good bye, good bye




You’ve gone for good

And now I’m blue

You’re in my heart

I still miss you

Didn’t want this pain

Didn’t need this now

Go on to where?

Get over you how?




You’d made up your mind

You had to be free

You didn’t take the chance

The chance to see

You didn’t say why

You didn’t tell me

Why you gave up

Why we couldn’t be




But like a fool

I had fallen in

Already gave my heart

Already given in

Now there’s a gap

Where you should’ve been

Wish I hadn’t met you

Wish I hadn’t seen




Just want to understand

Why you walked out

Why you gave up

What was that all about?

Wish you could say

Wish you could shout

Take away the pain

Take away the doubt




Tell me a lie

Help my heart see

Cos this searing pain

Has blinded me

Please wave me off

Explain to me why

Then I’ll honestly tell you

Good bye, good bye







“If we must part forever, give me but one kind word to think upon,

and please myself with, while my heart’s breaking”

- Thomas Otway





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