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Forever Till Eternity

Jumping Rach - Archimedes Quote


Forever Till Eternity




I will not let this world change me

I will not let this life destroy me

I will not become another person

I will not change even if circumstances worsen



I am me – forever till eternity



I won’t let what others say affect me

I won’t let what this world says sway me

I won’t be pushed into this systems mould

I won’t become hard or callous or cold



I am me – forever till eternity



I don’t need to be told what to think

I don’t need to be carried to Armageddon’s brink

I don’t need any man to make me complete

I don’t need to worship at any human feet



I am me – forever till eternity



I will not be silenced when I know it’s wrong

I will not compromise just to belong

I will not gag my conscience in the shadow of another’s frown

I will not ignore principle, will not back down



I am me – forever till eternity



I can’t change myself on someone else’s whim

I can’t ever be someone I’m not for him

I can’t be bitter or angry or mean

I can’t be part of that destructive scene



I am me – forever till eternity



I will be true to who I am

I will be the friend who can

I will stand beside the ones I love

I will never desert that one up above



I am me – forever till eternity










Love Sucks

best friends forever



Love Sucks



Broken and battered

Torn and tattered

Shaken and shattered

Head ache

Heart break

Love sucks


Opened and gutted

Closed and shuttered

Groanings unuttered

Half awake

Feelings forsake

Love sucks


Pain and tears

Hurt and fears

Memory that sears

Emotions rake

Can’t take

Love sucks


Wanting and needing

Weeping and bleeding

Heart not heeding

Big mistake

Won’t fake

Love sucks


Felt and denied

Run and hide

Smiled and lied

Earth quake

Gimme a break

Love sucks


Stirring and yearning

Hoping and burning

Still not learning

Blindly take

Heart ache

Love sucks





best way to mend a broken heart


“A true companion is loving all the time

and is a brother that is born

for when there is distress.”

– Proverbs 17:17








If Winter Comes




My life is a confusing place

I don’t recognise my own face

Woke once upon a day

And found myself a cast away


Don’t know when my heart broke

Just know that it couldn’t cope

Wanted so much to be wrong

Facing the music’s too sad a song


Hope sighed and flew away

Into a grey and cloudy day

Will the soul that bleeds ever heal?

Some things are just too real


Pandora’s box drew me in

Time halted in a devils grin

Silently screaming I was framed

A fool to loves bitter game


Scales tip in microseconds

Bewildered as reality beckons

I see myself from up above

The girl no one will ever love


Told myself that I was special

Thought I had superior mettle

Discovered just how little I know

And just how far I can’t go


Wanted to run away and hide

Drift silently off on the tide

This life just feels so wrong

An off key pathetic little song


Tried so hard to fight

Keep on the good and right

Struggled on and fought

But it was all for naught


Don’t know anymore who I am

Just feel so lost and such a sham

I know that there just has to be

Another life for another me.







A Joke on Me





A Joke On Me



If love makes you a fool

Then I’m a joker

‘Cos I can’t play poker


Love sure played a joke on me


Love is dead

And I’m so sad

‘Cos I wanted it bad


Love sure played a joke on me


He touches me

But he can’t feel

So maybe I’m not real


Love sure played a joke on me


I’m talking loud

But he won’t hear

Which is my greatest fear


Love sure played a joke on me


He’s looking around

But he doesn’t see

‘Cos I’m the invisible me


Love sure played a joke on me


He set me loose

Says that I’m free

But I didn’t ask to be


Love sure played a joke on me


He pushed me off

Gave me some wings

But then attached strings


Love sure played a joke on me


Love is confusing

No rules to apply

It’s one and one equals five


Love sure played a joke on me






“Emotional security is just as

important as financial security.”

– P. K. Shaw



Quote: Yolande Cornelia

Ever Been Kidnapped


In My Dreams


In My Dreams



When the pain gets too much 

When the tears have run dry

When life’s low hits its lowest

When there’s no friend near by

When there’s no escape and no rest



I go live in my head

In my dreams



Reality fades and pain recedes

There’s a different life, a different day

Everybody loves you just for being you

You say all the right things in exactly the right way

You’re a hero, a wit, a saviour, a saint



In the world in my head

In my dreams



You can say exactly what you think

You can do the deeds you never would

You have the ability to fly, the courage to fight

There are no consequences

No wrong decisions, only right



In that place in my head

In my dreams



There is no death and no dead

No unhappy tears to cry

No failure comes from your good intentions

No pain, no pain of any kind

You are loved with laughter



In the life in my head

In my dreams



Life is a pleasure to live

Simple and uncomplicated

There is no unresolved issue

Nobody’s feelings are trampled or hurt

Accepted for yourself, exactly as you are



In that haven in my head

In my dreams



There’s no sickness you can’t fight

No injustice that can’t be revealed

No demon that is impossible to conquer

No misplaced love and promises not sealed

There’s only happy and forever after endings



Where I hide in my head

In my dreams



You might say I’m a fool to run away

But things weren’t meant to be this hard

Life wasn’t supposed to be this battle

This continual fight leaving us grim and scarred

But I refuse to give up hope, so I cope



I go live in my head

In my dreams






Ran Away in Her Sleep




Requisition of the Soul


Requisition of the Soul


Requisition of the Soul



In darkness I tread

Unheard and unknown

In search of my heart

My soul and my home


So far I have been

But never leave behind

The past that is gone

Yet still close I find


I crave and I love

My yearnings collide

One I resist

From the other I hide


I need and I want

But do I deserve?

The love and the passion

Should I protect or serve?


I war and I fight

A struggle so futile

For peace and for rest

To be healed for a while


Me – who am I?

In the darkness I ask

The answer floats suspended

Somewhere future but past


I stole and rampaged

While I laughed at the terror

I suffered and bled

Enslaved to my own error


My cravings my weakness

My loss and my sin

Now I weep at memory

Aching for what should’ve been


How can it be

With a conscience so tattered

My soul cries for oneness

Despite being so shattered?


The puzzle lies solved

In the me I was once

The me that lies dormant

Waiting to seize a chance


I want to be known

And be held tight

To walk unafraid

In the warmth of the light


To know how to laugh

Genuine carefree mirth

To love and be loved

The only thing of real worth


So come – end my journey

My sojourn in flight

The tired wanderings

Of one headed to light


Forgive me past odyssey

That path I forsake

Promise me the future

One that’s mine to make


Take my hand now

In the depths of this night

And walk with me undaunted

Into the truth of the light