A Raconteur Girl Production


Requisition of the Soul


Requisition of the Soul


Requisition of the Soul



In darkness I tread

Unheard and unknown

In search of my heart

My soul and my home


So far I have been

But never leave behind

The past that is gone

Yet still close I find


I crave and I love

My yearnings collide

One I resist

From the other I hide


I need and I want

But do I deserve?

The love and the passion

Should I protect or serve?


I war and I fight

A struggle so futile

For peace and for rest

To be healed for a while


Me – who am I?

In the darkness I ask

The answer floats suspended

Somewhere future but past


I stole and rampaged

While I laughed at the terror

I suffered and bled

Enslaved to my own error


My cravings my weakness

My loss and my sin

Now I weep at memory

Aching for what should’ve been


How can it be

With a conscience so tattered

My soul cries for oneness

Despite being so shattered?


The puzzle lies solved

In the me I was once

The me that lies dormant

Waiting to seize a chance


I want to be known

And be held tight

To walk unafraid

In the warmth of the light


To know how to laugh

Genuine carefree mirth

To love and be loved

The only thing of real worth


So come – end my journey

My sojourn in flight

The tired wanderings

Of one headed to light


Forgive me past odyssey

That path I forsake

Promise me the future

One that’s mine to make


Take my hand now

In the depths of this night

And walk with me undaunted

Into the truth of the light








One response

  1. “In her weary dress was a princess and in ornamented robe was a slave”. It does’t matter the outer appearence, but the inside.

    July 16, 2015 at 9:14 am

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