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People Are People

our descendants




People Are People




From city or country

From mountains or sea

From desert or tropics

It makes no difference to me



Whether tall or short

Whether fat or thin

Whether dark or light

It’s just the shell we live in



Born to have plenty

Or born to be poor

Where we are born

Is all just luck of the draw



Faced with life’s stresses

Or relaxed and carefree

People are people

Are people you see



Experiencing similar problems

Heaving the same sighs

We are all looking for better

Just through different eyes



We all traveled from somewhere

At sometime in the past

Looking for a home

Searching for peace at last



Wanting a better life

Wanting to be free

People are people

Are people – its history



Below that skin

Just a heart beat away

We are all the same

Just in a slightly different way



We all cry sometimes

Laugh on a happy day

We all need love

Or a hug to chase care away



Just outside the box

That world that you know

Is another place

Another way to go



You can be happy

Wherever you roam

Because people are people

Are people you know



Customs and manners

How you drink your tea

Really it’s all

Just a way to be



If you open your heart

Let your mind run free

If you try that different way

You’ll see what they see



Because the place you live

Ain’t the center of the ‘verse

There’s a whole big planet

Out there to traverse



The differences around us

Are a blessing not a curse

Because people are people

Are people – no worse







“I am not an Athenian or a Greek

I am a citizen of the world”

– Socrates 


“Peter opened his mouth and said:

“For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial,

but in every nation the man that fears him

and works righteousness is acceptable to him.”

– Acts 10:34,35






What Is

a beauty our eyes could never see



What Is?





What is more beautiful?

I would like to know:

Laughter in sunshine

Or laughter in the snow?

A lovers hug

Or a hug of love?

The harmony of Crickets

Or the song of the Dove?

A Golden sunset

Or a Pink Sunrise?

An Old Mans chuckle

Or the smile in a baby’s eyes?



What is more gorgeous?

In every way:

Exotic lush water lilies

Or a soft pastel rose bouquet?

Undulating waves

Sparkling silver and gold

Or the moon hung low over mountains

Majestic and old?

Sunlight through the rain

Breaking the grey

Or sunshine through hung lace

Start of a new day?



What is lovelier?

Tell me true:

Eyes that are brown

Or eyes that are blue?

A flawless complexion

Or freckles sprinkled across a nose?

A gaze trusting and full of faith

Or a look that affection shows?

The shaky first steps a toddler takes

Or a movement full of gentle grace?

Distant memories lighting old eyes

Or happiness beaming from a joyful face?



What is more heady

Takes your breath away:

Scoring that goal

Or catching that wave?

A starry night

The universe on display

Or the roar of a waterfall

All white frothy spray

Falling in love

Or autumn leaves falling to ground?

Taking a leap of faith

And not getting let down?



What is more adorable?

And ever so fair:

A little boy in his bow tie

Or a little girl with ribbons in her hair?

A basket of playful puppies

Or a kitten asleep on a chair?

A confidence kept secret

Or a joke that we share?

A couple married fifty years

Still holding hands

Or a couple newly wed

Exchanging marriage bands?



What is more touching?

Brings a lump to your throat:

Words of love spoken

Or the words that love wrote?

The hand you were given

Or the hand that you gave?

A vow meant forever

Or last words at the grave?

Dignity and courage

In the face of great fear

Or the memory of someone loved

Long gone but always held near?



These things that are beautiful

Lovely, touching and fair:

You just cannot put one above

You just cannot compare

Beauty exists in the mind

In the beholders eye

Often intangible

It exists in a feeling, a moment, a sigh.

So when about your worth you wonder

And in comparison you feel low

Just try picking between laughter in sunshine

Or laughter in the snow.







“Everything has beauty – but not everyone sees it”

– Confucious


“He has made everything beautiful in its time”

– Ecclesiastes 3:11



beauty is in the heart






Quote: Roald Dahl

a person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly





The Road



The Road



Wish hearts didn’t break

Wish hearts didn’t cry fears

Wish hearts didn’t truly ache

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to take?



Wish I weren’t so weak

Wish I hadn’t fallen so hard

Wish I couldn’t ever break

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to forsake?



Wish it were so simple

Wish it were so easy

Wish it came free

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to be?



Wish you had faith

Wish you believed it’s true

Wish you really knew me

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to see?



Wish there were no risk

Wish there were no doubt

Wish there were no ‘how’?

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to now?



Wish I had the answers

Wish I were so perfect

Wish I knew somehow

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to allow?



Wish fear wouldn’t come knocking

Wish fear would walk away

Wish fear would finally lose

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to choose?



Wish you could look inside

Wish you heard my heart

Wish you could really prove

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to smooth?



Wish this world didn’t deceive

Wish this soul weren’t open

Wish this heart didn’t bleed

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to need?



Wish I didn’t feel care

Wish I didn’t have emotion

Wish I didn’t really see

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to leave?



Wish happiness weren’t so fleeting

Wish happiness weren’t on loan

Wish happiness could remain

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to gain?



Wish you could already see

Wish you could already know

Wish you fell like rain

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to maintain?



Wish sincerity were bright neon

Wish the truth were transparent

Wish honesty didn’t leave bare

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to wear?



Wish I could switch off

Wish I could walk away

Wish I didn’t need care

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to there?



Wish time passed like dreaming

Wish time would blink away

Wish time slowed to still

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to fill?



Wish you were close by

Wish you weren’t so far

Wish you touched to feel

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to real?



Wish night rolled with thunder

Wish night flashed white light

Wish night would dare

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to bear?



Wish I had much more

Wish I had much less

Wish I could already share

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to care?



Wish you couldn’t tell

Wish you couldn’t wait

Wish you got it wrong

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest to belong?



Wish tomorrow had arrived

Wish tomorrow were here

Wish tomorrow were long gone

Why is it we always walk

The road hardest too long?








not the mountain we conquer





Poem: A Life For A Life – Dinah Craik

A life for a life


If I Had Only

i held opportunity

If I Had Only

If I had only said I loved you,
If I ever kissed that grin,
I would have enjoyed that moment.
I would do it all again.
If I had only listened better,
If I wiped away your tears,
I would bring you heartfelt pleasure
That you would feel for many years.
If I had only cherished your kindness,
If I only embraced your care,
I would not have felt so blinded.
I would still have you here.
If I had only taken the time
To grant you at least one chance,
I would experience the success
Of having with you the perfect romance.

Contributed by:

Mr Anon

Quotes: Thomas Gray


Poetry Is words that breathe