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In The Night


in the night




In The Night





I’m so lost

In the night

I just can’t see

Any light

I’m groping for

Something I can’t find

It’s there I know

Inside my mind

Somehow I’ve lost

The me I was

It was the price

It’s been the cost

Don’t know how

To do it anymore

Just can’t seem

To find the door

No one knows

What they haven’t seen

No one sees

Where they haven’t been

Been left alone

For just so long

Haven’t yet found the place

Where I belong

Didn’t want this

Wasn’t my choice

But no one could see me

Or hear my voice

I’m just a shadow

On the ground

I’m invisible

I make no sound

So easily forgotten

In the light of day

So I’ll just drift

Just fade away

Until night ends

And a day does come

When blinking

I can step into the sun





“Some praise the Lord for Light,
The living spark;
I thank God for the Night
The healing dark.”
~Robert William Service, “Weary







Sad Little Clown


Sad little clown




Sad Little Clown






A sad little clown sits

With a painted smile on her face

So no one will ever notice

The tears pouring down her face




A sad little clown walks

Every footstep weighted down

With all the fears she cannot voice

But that she always drags around




A sad little clown pulls

Colorful scarves from her sleeves

Hoping the yellow, red, blue and green

Will resurrect the lost life she still grieves




A sad little clown catches

All the fears she constantly juggles

Trying not to drop anything

On and on she struggles




A sad little clown balances

On a tight rope up so very  high

Watching helplessly

As her life turns out to be a lie




A sad little clown peddles

As fast as her legs will go

Around and around on a little bike

A pointless journey full of woe




A sad little clown carrying

A flower pinned to the lapel of her suit

It might be a joke

But it’s on her and the pain’s acute




A sad little clown dressing

In all the colors of the rainbow

Hoping maybe there’s a pot of gold

Behind the bend in her elbow




A sad little clown wonders

When it will all end

If the show will ever be over

Because she’s so tired of all the pretend




A sad little clown wants

More than make-up, wigs and tricks

She wants a life that’s not an act

She wants to wear shoes that fit.




A sad little clown trying

to be happy and to feel

She wants to be able to laugh again

And know that the smile is really real.








On A Bright Sun Shiny Day


bright sun shiny day




On A Bright Sun Shiny Day







On a bright sun shiny day

It’s like the world is brand new

The sky is crystal clear

The sea an endless blue

The clouds overhead have melted

Drifted and vanished away

And you begin to feel reborn

As colours seep through the grey




So seize this chance

To see a new view

To find a new way

In the bright sunshine of this day

You can hold onto the warm

And banish the cold

You can change all your angles

You can get rid of the old




Yesterday is done

Its packed up and gone away

So put a cork in that bottle

And let the tide carry it away

Don’t wait for the perfect time

Live each moment right now, today

Don’t balk and don’t hesitate

Jump into life’s merry fray




Got to take what you’re given

Out of every day you’re alive

Got to go beyond existence

Got to do more than just survive

Cos time waits for no one

It runs away so fast

And before you know it

Today has become the past




You shouldn’t let silly people affect you

With what they say and do

Cos no other bag of skin and bone

Can do any real lasting harm to you

That one up above sees you every day

And he knows your all

Just take the hand he’s offering you

Cos he’ll never let you fall




Don’t talk so much about yourself

Judge less and listen more

Don’t go looking for that perfect ‘one’

Let love come knocking on your door

If it’s positive you should say it

If it’s not then just don’t

And don’t promise that you will

When you know full well you won’t




Ask an old man

About life when he was young

Play with the kids

They know how to have fun

Give a hug throw a smile

Skip a rope kick a ball

Run and jump roll down that hill

Like you used to when you were small




Don’t put off for tomorrow

The good thing you can do today

Don’t just think something nice

Make sure that you say

Try that new exotic food

Go to that place you’ve never been

Open your eyes to the familiar things

That you’ve never really seen




Tell that corny silly joke

Dance and sing

Doesn’t matter if you can’t

Just to do it is the thing

Stroll along the beach

Walk in the rain

Tell someone you love them

Nothing to lose but plenty to gain




So try and do

Live and learn and love

And always look for guidance

From that one up above

Then even when there is no bright sun shiny day

You’ll sing and dance

Cos you’ll have found your happy

Cos you’ll have found your way










“Wherever you go

No matter what the weather

Always bring your own sunshine”

~ Anthony J. D’angelo





When The Cock Crows


When the cock crows




When The Cock Crows






Those words he spoke still ring in my ears

Echoing my innermost still festering fears

“If you leave me you’ll be alone without friends

Because the ones you look up to

Won’t care once all this ends

They’ll turn their backs and walk away

They’re not the kind who’ll stay

They won’t want to make any sacrifice to see it through

So they’ll all turn their backs on you.”

I didn’t believe him, told him he was wrong

I believed I still had a place to belong

But sadly, it turns out the snake was right

And just like him, reality has a nasty bite

I never would have believed what I’d been told

Didn’t think anyone’s heart could really be that cold

But it seems some people fake it so well

You just can’t see

They aren’t the way they pretend to be

Their hearts are hard

Though they politely say all the right things

Not seeming to comprehend

The hurt their callousness brings

Too worried about how they look to others

Their appearance

Being about all their small heart covers

That they can ignore the broken hearted in their need

Betrays their hearts are too empty even to bleed

They expect kindness, understanding and care

But when it comes to giving it

Their shallow hearts are bare

I never would have believed that I’d see the day

Years of kindness and friendship

Could be so quickly tossed away

I stood by them through thick and thin

Put myself out and took them in

I didn’t listen when the gossips my ear would bend

I defended them, determined to be a friend

I cried with them, played the clown to make them laugh

But it seems it just wasn’t enough

Not enough to make them care

Not enough to have them want to be there

Instead malicious gossip was adopted as truth

Fiery feathers scattered, without thought or proof

A jealous, spiteful, witch hunt

An unfair war without a front

So I’m still living this nightmare not of my making

I’m still giving, while the vultures are taking

Just can’t understand what I did

To make them so hardened

Because any sin they could’ve committed

I would’ve pardoned

Hurt more than I know how to express

They obviously were not

‘A brother born for the time of distress’

Still, there are one or two

Who have been uniquely loyal, loving and true

But as for all the fickle, the popular, the rest

They just didn’t pass test

Although I can’t even tell you when they turned to go

I’ve certainly heard that Cock crow

But I refuse to let them change me

I refuse to accept this is how it’s always going to be

I hope one day those frozen hearts will thaw

And melting, begin to bleed

Those closed minds will open to see and feel another’s need

That scales will fall from blind eyes, and finally they will see

How true friends should really be.








“Truly I say to you…

This night before a cock crows twice

Even you will disown me three times.”

– Jesus Christ, Mark 4:30




“Never explain.

Your friends do not need it

And your enemies will not believe it anyway”

– Elbert Hubbard




“People don’t ever seem to relate

That doing what’s right

Is no guarantee against misfortune”

– William McFee





Where The World Bends


where the world bends


Where The World Bends




I’m on a mission, I’m taking a stand

I want to see, I want to understand

Find out where the horizon ends

Discover the place where the world bends

Catch the wind before it blows

Figure out where all the water flows

Use that square peg like it’s round

Make all those lost things found

Turn those limes into lemonade

Call these hammers a spade

Dig to China in a day

Resurrect the trust that went away

Run barefoot through broken glass without a cut

Pry open all those minds that are bolted shut

Hide away while being brave

Let go of all the things I tried to save

Build Rome and Babylon and Athens

Stop the earthquake as it happens

Disguise the burns and all the scars

See life beyond the stars

Figure out why happiness travels so slow

Find answers to all the questions I don’t know

I’m on a mission, I’m taking a stand

I want to see, I want to understand

Find out where the horizon ends

Discover the place where the world bends








“I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.”

– Agatha Christie




Snow Storm


Snow Storm


Snow Storm




The snow is falling down,

there’s a whistle in the air,

I was looking for the sun

though I know it isn’t there.



I tried to bundle up,

but the coat just wouldn’t help.

I’m so hurt that when I walked,

my knees buckled and I fell.



When you left my heart in pieces,

I could only wonder why,

because I would not go tumbling to the ground

just to cry.



So I struggled to my feet,

though my body’s getting stiff,

and I’m walking on an incline,

less afraid I’m going to trip.



My mind clearly couldn’t focus

despite just how hard I tried,

and this blizzard just got stronger.

It would take a while to die.



Still I pressed on through this snowstorm,

just as sure I would survive,

and I’m here telling this story

because I got out alive.



by Anon

(a contributed piece)




Come And Go


Come and Go




Come And Go



You’ve been alone so long and been so scared

Which no one knew cos no one cared

And even though so badly you’ve been burnt

And your head knows what your heart hasn’t learnt

With a tattered heart whispering beware

You’re still willing to risk it all to have someone there

For you still dream about a happy day

When love will finally come and walk your way

When you’ll open up your lonely door

And find a house that’s not empty anymore

But when he suddenly does arrive and says hello

You can’t help but wonder how long before he’ll go

And even as he takes you by the hand

You wonder when you fall this time how hard you’ll land

Every bit of joy leaves you scared

For it all to end you’re constantly prepared

‘Cos happiness is more elusive than it seems

And it’s always turned out a figment of your foolish dreams

You want to trust his smile and take that leap

But deep down you fear his heart you’ll never keep

And you know you’ll wake up one day

To find he’s packed his bags and flown away

‘Cos fate has ruled and does decree

That happy is something you’re not allowed to be

And you know that in this world where hearts come and go

Like autumn leaves that die even as new ones grow

Like the changing tides that ebb and flow

Even the sweetest dreams just can’t make it so