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Heart Blindness


Heart Blindness


Heart Blindness





What people do

And what they say

Is completely different

In every way



Just didn’t see

Just didn’t know

How much it would hurt

How it could lay me low



Asked for help

But they turned away

What do they care

As long as they’re ok?



Told them I’m scared

Cos I’m so alone

But they didn’t want to hear

Didn’t want to know



Asked for support

A helping hand

To help me through

To help me stand



They nodded

Even as their lips lied

And watched from a distance

As I cried



They made promises

They knew were lies

Shook my hand

Said their good-byes



Listening to others

But not to me

So by the time they asked

They could no longer see



A closed heart

A shuttered mind

Can’t lend shelter

Of any kind



No compassion

And no kindness

Can be found in those

With heart blindness



So here I am

Alone on the floor

With despair

Battering down my door



No where to go

No where to run

No shelter from

The hot beating sun



Loving hearts will help

They’ll find a way

No matter what

Other voices may say



They won’t judge

And they won’t condemn

They’ll lend a hand

They’ll be a friend



They will call

And they will ask

They won’t view caring

As just another task



Loving hearts give

Beyond duty

Which is their true

And unfading beauty



But I won’t ask

For help again

I won’t subject myself

To that kind of pain



Been through enough

Taken my fill

Why should I swallow

Yet another bitter pill?



But won’t let those closed hearts

Change me

Don’t want to be blinded

I need to see



I need to keep my trust

In that one up above

Because I know he has

A heart of pure love



He won’t judge

On whispers in the dark

He knows it all

And so he won’t depart



He has love that reaches

Beyond the end

And he is the one

On whom I can depend









Jehovah is near to those that are broken at heart;

And those who are crushed in spirit he saves.

Many are the calamities of the righteous one,

But out of them all Jehovah delivers him.”

– Psalm 34:18,19


“He is healing the brokenhearted ones,

And is binding up their painful spots.”

– Psalm 147:3





The Right Thing





The Right Thing




It’s hard to see you kill yourself a little more every day

It’s hard to know you’re throwing what’s left of your life away




You’ve forced me to speak all the words that you should say

So now I’m the one who’s paying the price for what you gave away




Take a good hard look in the mirror and you will see

The person you’ve made yourself turn out to be




It’s neither right nor fair that you try to shift the blame to me

It’s time you stood up like a man and take what has to be




You made the choice, you walked willingly down that road

You lied and you slunk, and now you’re reaping what you’ve sowed




I left you your dignity knowing how much you would lose

Not because I had to, but because it’s what I choose




I’m not some fickle gossip, so I haven’t spread what you did to me around

But in this I’m by law, by God, and by conscience bound




You can’t fool me into thinking I betrayed you

It’s you who betrayed yourself, and me, and everyone else too




I’ve taken it all – everything you dealt – and never hated you

But unless you do the right thing now, I may begin to




I’m not taking your cunning and your deceit anymore

I left all that behind me when I walked out the door




You cannot change the truth, not matter how loud you shout

You cannot make people believe what is no longer in doubt




You are already imprisoned – a prison of your own making

You’re locked away, eaten alive, while your conscience its pound of flesh is taking




There is only one route to freedom, only one route to do away with fear

There is only one route to regain self-respect, however thin, however sheer




Say those words, say them out loud

Take responsibility – there is no room to be proud




It’s time for you to face the truth if you ever want to be free

It’s time for you to stop fooling yourself and face reality




If you do the right thing, if you take it, if you let it be

Maybe you can still find that man, that man I thought I knew, the man I used to see
















A nobody girl

From a nobody place

I got nobody

Written all across my face



I’m a nobody person

From no where

And even if somebody really saw me

I doubt they’d care



Nobody has been there

On my darkest days

Nobody wants me

And my nobody ways



Nobody cares

And nobody knows

All the places I’ve been

All my nobody woes



Nobody held me

Nobody would care

Nobody could understand

Cos they hadn’t been there



Nobody saw him leave

Nobody begged him to stay

Nobody could ever be as cold

As he was when he turned away



Nobody saw

The tears that fell that day

And nobody cared

As a life washed away



Nobody felt the anguish

That stabbed without relief

And nobody stood immobilized

By excruciating grief



Nobody was so alone

Nobody so star crossed

Nobody is as stupid

As the one who has loved and lost



Nobody so lonely

Nobody so afraid

Nobody so empty

Like a deep dark grave



Nobody likes the truth

So nobody listens

Trapped forever in lies

In happy merry prisons



But nobody can escape

When the truth comes creeping

It’ll sneak up

And catch nobody sleeping



Nobody will fall

Nobody will weep

Nobody will have grief

So long and so deep



But nobody will come

For nobody will see

And nobody will wonder

If the truth really sets nobody free.



And nobody will look up

And nobody will know

That when the winter comes early

There’s nowhere to go



Cos this nobody girl

Is from a nobody place

She’s got nobody

Written all over her face








Quote: Thomas Gray

Poetry Is words that breathe





You’ll Never





You'll Never



You’ll Never




You’ll never know

If you never ask

If you never say the words

You’ll never see

If you never go

If you never soar with the birds



You’ll never hear

If you never listen

If you never strive to belong

You’ll never sing

If you never try

If you never learn the song



You’ll never win

If you never lose

If you never experience loss

You’ll never own

If you never work

If you never want to pay the cost



You’ll never laugh

If you never cry

If you never own any emotion

You’ll never discover

If you never search

If you never plumb the depths of that ocean





You’ll never find

If you never look

If you never lose the fears that bind

You’ll never live

If you never love

If you never cherish what you find



You’ll never have

If you never hold

If you never risk a second glance

You’ll never feel

If you never trust

If you never take the chance







“A ship in harbor is safe – but that is not what ships are for”

– John A. Shedd, Salt from my Attic




True Friend


True Friends Collage



 True Friend




A true friend knows you

and loves you anyway

They don’t listen

to what the gossips say



A true friend never assumes

They will always ask

They don’t see helping you out

As just some noble task



A true friend cares

When you’re feeling down

They won’t be a judge

When they can be a clown



A true friend will listen

For as long as it takes

And won’t down play

Your deepest heartaches



A true friend will stand by your side

Through thick and thin

They will always try to help you smile

Help you grin



A true friend will have a hug ready

For when you’re blue

And they can say ‘sorry’

If they’ve hurt you



A true friend will ask

Rather than tell

They will give you dignity

And treat you well



A true friend will try to understand

Where you’ve come from

And they won’t desert you

On those days you don’t feel so strong



A true friend is not possessive

They are happy to share

They know from experience

You will always be there



A true friend lives

And let’s live

And they will always appreciate

The little you can give



A true friend wants to know

All about you

And they are happy

To let you shine too



A true friend doesn’t insist

On everything their way

They give thought

To the words they say



A true friend respects

Your opinion too

But that doesn’t mean

They must always agree with you



A true friend is always there

No matter the mistakes you make

For them it’s never

Too little or too late



A true friend is easy

And gives you a place to belong

They make an effort to be tactful

When telling you you’re wrong



A true friend chooses to let go

Your little faults and failings

They don’t expect life

To always be smooth sailing



A true friend knows

That they’re imperfect too

And so they always look

For the good in you



A true friend can over look

The stupid things you say

A true friend knows you

And loves you anyway








“It is one of the blessings of old friends

That you can afford to be stupid with them.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson



“You can always tell a real friend:

When you’ve made a fool of yourself

He doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job”

– Laurence J. Peter



“A true Friend unbosoms freely,

Advises justly,

Assists readily,

Adventures boldly,

Takes all patiently,

Defends courageously,

And continues a friend unchangeably”

– William Penn



“If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow.

If you cry, I’ll be your shoulder.

If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow.

If you need to be happy,

I’ll be your smile.

But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me”

– Anon