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The Clanging Bell


The Clanging Bell




The Clanging Bell




There’s darkness in your heart tonight

You feel like giving up

You feel like giving in

You’ve forgotten why you’re struggling

Against the tide you’re in



You’ve been trying to hold on

But now all you want is to let go

Want not to have to care

For you know it really wouldn’t matter

If one day you just weren’t there



Everything is wrong

And you need to hide away

You need to disappear

Because you don’t know if you can take

Any more of the things

You’ve been forced to hear



You took all their torture

As they crushed your broken heart to pulp

But now enough is enough

You just don’t think you can bear anymore

You really aren’t that tough



One more stab from the past

One more day full of worry

One more nightmare all alone

You just can’t see anymore

Hope dies a little more

With everything you’re shown



Pain stabbing deep and hard

Throbbing numbly through your soul

There in lives heartache beyond all grief

And you know you can’t go on

You need to find some relief



They say that you’ll be fine

They tell you to keep your chin up

These things pass away in time

But what does that mean for right now?

It’s just a stupid line



They can’t understand what they can’t see

No one can see the darkness at night

Nor falling tears in the rain

That’s why they can’t fathom

The endless ocean of your pain


You thought you knew

You thought you understood

Then the picture changed

And everything you ever believed

Got all rearranged



When love is betrayed and all goodness turns to ash

You watch helplessly

As your safe world crashes and tears and rips

And everything you thought was still yours

Is blown away and disappears in tiny little bits



So take a life

And tear it up

Then sprinkle it with tears

And tell me when the nightmare ends

What grows from all your fears?



What if there is no end?

What if you can’t wake up?

What if the nightmare goes on and on?

What if there’s no way off

The horror merry-go-round you’re on?



Who will ease the gnawing ache?

Who will wake you up and hold you tight?

Who will put a stop to all the pain?

Who will take your hand and help you leap

From that careening run away train?



You know the answer

You know the truth

You know it well

All these years you thought you had love

But all you had was a clanging bell



Lying lips

Playing your heart three moves ahead

Words designed to deceive

You should have heard it coming

But you refused to believe



Friendships dissolved

Disappeared in a day

Melted away like snow in the rain

Not made of stuff that could survive

When the avalanche came



Hiding their own guilt

Behind facades of righteousness

Binding you in their bitter angry cords

As self-righteous hypocritical tongues

Turned into stabbing swords



You couldn’t look ahead

You didn’t know it would be like that

You had no idea

Left out in the cold and the rain

Left behind with your wounds and your fear



So there you stand in a place of mourning

Your tears watering the grass beneath your feet

As you place flowers beside a stone

And you’re alone

All alone



Sorrow wrapped in bewilderment

Truth making a mockery of memory

Memories making knowledge unbearable

Nothing hurts like the cold naked truth

If only hope lent you garments that were wearable












“Hope is the feeling we have

that the feeling we have

is not permanent”

– Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook





Calvin & Hobbes: They Lie



Flame Thrower














You said there was no interest

Although your actions said you did

But instead of owning it

You ran and hid


You said you had no intentions

And maybe that was true

I had no intentions either

Just feelings that you grew


You couldn’t meet my eyes

As the truth went up in flame

And though you knew your part

You let me take all the blame


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

You can try to hide from it

But it’s the truth that sets you free



You were playing with my heart

While you were singing with the choir

But in that instant I saw you

Saw through to the liar


You think I didn’t know

Didn’t feel the truth?

I have your unguarded words

Words of proof


Giving me your time

When no one else could see

Giving me the feeling

Your feelings were only for me


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see?

You might not understand it

But it’s the truth that sets you free



Something was alive

Whenever we met

Something was whispering

Something hard to forget


Electricity in the air

Felt it crackling there

So I named that feeling

Laid it open, laid it bare


There is no shame in speaking

In feeling something true

The things left unspoken

Are the things you come to rue


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

You can deny it

But it’s the truth that sets you free



When I finally saw the truth

Hiding there behind your lies

I saw the end

So I said my goodbyes


I joined in your lie

I let you go

Let it all get taken

By gossips undertow


I acted the part

You gave me to play

Watching from above

As love became foam atop a tidal wave


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

You can try to run

But it’s the truth that sets you free



They all think you’re perfect

Think you’re the ‘it’ guy

They put you on some pedestal

Away, way up high


But you aren’t that person

I’ve seen you lie

But that’s the thing with love

It has a truthful eye


Love sees strength and weakness

It sees what’s real

But it hopes and restores

It forgives and heals


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

You might not believe it

But it’s the truth that sets you free



One day you’ll become

More than you are today

One day you’ll have the courage

To say all the words you want to say


You won’t let others dictate

Or write out your lines

You won’t let fear bind you

Keep you locked in its confines


But right now you’re a liar

And I am not a fool

So I’m letting the lie be the truth

I’m letting the truth be the rule


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

Though it might hurt for a while

It’s the truth that sets you free







“We tell lies when we are afraid…

afraid of what we don’t know,

afraid of what others will think,

afraid of what will be found out about us.

But every time we tell a lie,

the thing that we fear grows stronger”

– Tad Williams



“A lie will easily get you out of a scrape,

And yet, strangely and beautifully,

Rapture possesses you

When you have taken the scrape

And left out the lie”

– Charles Edward Montague, Disenchantment




Quote: Never Explain – Elbert Hubbard

never explain - black border