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Gary Larson: How Nature Says ‘Do Not Touch’.

Gary Larson: How Nature Says 'Do Not Touch'.



The Wounded


the wounded - for WordPress




The Wounded





Loving the wounded

Takes patience and devotion

And sometimes it can feel

Just like drowning in an ocean




Beneath the calm

Strong currents run deep

Cold and frightening

Sweeping you off your feet




Just when you think you’ve found

Somewhere firm to stand

Waves storm over you

Dashing you down to the sand




You cry as you struggle

To keep your head above water

Tiring and painful

Shallow breaths getting shorter




Do you let go and give up

Just let it pull you under?

Or do you keep struggling

In hope of the wonder?




The wonder of love

Strong true and real

Something to cling to

Something to feel




The struggle the wounded

Are often too quick to give up

For they fear that they

Are just not worthy of love




They see love as a myth

A fantasy fairy tale

And whenever love touches them

Their poor hearts quail




They remember past pain

When love left them to grieve

That someone could truly love them

Is just too hard to believe




So they don’t fight

As the rip tides drag them under

And any hope for something better

Is lost and sawn asunder




The wounded need to be reminded

That despite the hurt they feel

True love really does exist

That love is real




That someone can see you

As you really are

And still think

That you’re their shining star




That someone can adore you

Despite your bad days

That someone can want

To be there always




That someone won’t care about

Ugly or fat

In their eyes you’re gorgeous

Despite all of that




That someone will mean it

When they say forever

That they won’t desert you

During life’s stormy weather




That someone could fight with you

And then make up again

That they will really care

And not want to cause you pain



That someone will see in you

Their sun and their moon

And when you say good night

It’s always too soon




That someone won’t care

About mistakes you made in the past

And through any future mistakes

Their love will hold fast




That someone won’t make a big deal

When you’re stupid or wrong

That they’ll always give you

Somewhere to belong




That someone will see their home

Is wherever you are

And the distance travelled to be together

Is never too far




That someone will hold you

All through the night

That someone thinks you’re worth

Any struggle any fight




For to love is to struggle

But to live is to love

So to live we must struggle

To hold onto our love




Loving the wounded

Takes patience and devotion

But you can if you float together

On loves ever changing ocean










“Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted,

But getting what you have,

Which once you have got it,

You may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known”

– Garrison Keillor



“That some good can be derived from every event

Is a better proposition than that everything happens for the best,

Which it assuredly does not”

– James K. Feibleman




Just Be There


Just be there - long collage




Just Be There





I don’t know why

But I feel so sad

Those old demons

Have got me bad



There’s a big black cloud

Hanging over my head

It’s telling me I should

Just stay in bed



I don’t understand

Why I feel this way

But I wish the whole world

Would just go away



No one wants to see

The sadness inside

So behind my smile

I’ll let it hide



They don’t want to hear

The tears I shed

So they fall in silence

And I laugh instead



They don’t look too close

In case they see

The sorrow and fear

Still alive in me



It’s uncomfortable to face

Another’s pain

It’s easier just to leave

Them alone in the rain



They want me to be

Happy and light

They want me to say

I’m fine every thing is alright



But it’s too hard 

To always be the happy clown

Eventually the happy

Just brings you down



The end of a life

Is something to mourn

Dreams ripped apart

A gaping hole torn



The final last breath

Of a very good thing

Is like the bitter cold of winter

Not a bright sunny spring



Some stories are tragic

Their endings are vile

And you can’t make it better

With a laugh and a smile



You can’t replace a broken life

Over night

You can’t take all the wrong

And make it instantly right



You can’t rebuild a broken heart

With a hammer and nail

There are no quick miracle cures

For the deep wounds of betrayal



Sorrow takes time to abate

And fear to allay

And the scars from those jaggered wounds

May never truly fade away



Tomorrow is on its way

It will inevitably come

And with it

The rising of a bright new sun



And I’ll most likely smile

When I see that dawn

And I’ll feel like laughing

When I bask in all the golden warm



But today I’m sad

And I’m in pain

And I’m standing with my face

Turned up to feel the cold cold rain



And I’ll feel it all

And want to cry

So if you ask me

Don’t expect a lie



Don’t tell me to laugh

To be happy and smile

Just tell me

You’ll stand by me a while




All you have to do

If you truly care

Is take my hand

And just be there










Quote: Thomas Gray


Poetry Is words that breathe






The Way I Am


friends are the family we choose




The Way I Am




The way I was

Is the way I am

Something you don’t seem

to understand



I haven’t changed

Though life’s moved on

I’m still the girl

You used to lean upon



I still feel the way

I always did

To live is to laugh

There’s nothing I’ve hid



We used to talk

We’d joke and play

I could spend time

With you all day



You’d pull a face

And I would grin

I knew I could trust you

with anything



It would take far more

Than a stormy day

To make me give up

Make me cast you away



My friends I care for

And treasure for life

I don’t discard them

In times of strife



So don’t forget me

I’m not far away

I’m still your friend

Believe what I say



So if you need a shoulder

Or a listening ear

Come on over

I’m waiting right here



Waiting to laugh

Wanting to play

Happy to see you

Hoping you’ll stay








Revolving Door





Revolving Door




Nobody loves nobody
Forever anymore
Everybody leaves
Through life’s big revolving door

It’s a hug and a kiss
And then it’s so long
No more ‘I love you’
They’re just gone gone gone

Nobody stays true
Forever anymore
It’s onto the next thing
The endless search for more

It’s a wave and a smile
A giggle and a grin
And their first ‘true’ love
May as well never have been

Forever isn’t forever
For Nobody anymore
Everybody’s going round and round
Life’s big revolving door








Hold On

Count every thorn a flower




Hold On





Hold on

Through the pain and the tears

Through those festering fears

When there be rain and there be storm

And all hope seems to be forlorn

Hold on




Hold on

Through the gloom of night

Through the dark and through the fright

When all around is drab and gray

And though you cannot see the way

Hold on




Hold on

Through the sadness and the grief

Through the hurt and the disbelief

When you want to run and want to hide

And all your tears have not yet dried

Hold on




Hold on

Through the injustice and the wrong

Through the need to just belong

When no one seems to really care

And have walked away and left you there

Hold on




Hold on

Through the guilt and the shame

Through the anger and through the blame

When there is no hand to hold

And you feel you just cannot be that bold

Hold on




Hold on

Through the sleet and the snow

Through the stinging thorns that grow

When others give in to despair and to hate

And everything around you says it is too late

Hold on




Hold on

Through the never ending slog

Through the mud and the suffocating bog

When you feel trapped and feel caught

And the end seems a lot further than you thought

Hold on




Hold on

Through the evil and the bad

Through the sorry and through the sad

When others turn and flee and run

And ever so slowly rises the sun

Hold on




Hold on

Through the winter so bare and cold

Through the day you were betrayed and sold

When everything around you whispers give up

And you’re so tired of drinking from this bitter cup

Hold on




Hold on

Through the chaos and the trouble

Through the ruins and through the rubble

When for nothing you seem to have been toiling

And the sea is full of rage and is boiling

Hold on




Hold on

Through the night there will come a day

Through the hardship you will be shown a way

When the road is winding and rocky and narrow

And though you feel as unimportant as a sparrow

Hold on




Hold on

Through His word and in His love He has sworn

Through a turbulent end this world will be reborn

When the world is spinning towards its ruin

And when destruction seems to be brewing

Hold on




Hold on

Through tribulation will come never ending peace

Through a climatic conclusion will come release

When almost everyone is either blind or pretending

And though most refuse to see everything now is ending

Hold on




Hold on

Through sorrows and trial will come happiness

Through a New World and through a final test

When this system melts and passes away

A great crowd will sing because they heard Him say

Hold on









“I saw and look! A great crowd…

Out of all nations and tribes

And peoples and tongues… saying:

“Salvation we owe to our God,

Who is seated on the throne,

And to the lamb.”

…these are the ones that come out

Of the great tribulation…

And God will wipe out every tear

From their eyes.”

– Revelation 7:9-17