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Happy Ever After Ending (Angel Eyes)


At the touch of love




Happy Ever After Ending  (Angel Eyes)



Those angel eyes

That angel face

You got me enthralled

Enthralled by your angel ways


The way you sing

The way you dance

You got me in

Got me in a trance


That way you laugh

That way you smile

You make wanna bask in it

Bask in it a while


All your laughter

Your teasing way

Makes me wanna be here

Wanna never stray


The way you sigh

The way you whisper in my ear

You say the things I like

The things I wanna hear


The way you touch me

The way you feel

Just can’t get enough

Can’t believe you’re real


My name on your lips

Your lips on my mind

Can’t be without you

Without you I’d be blind


You are my tomorrow

My happy ever after ending

You are my love

And it’s my love that I’m sending










Mijn Beautiful Boy


Mijn Beautiful Boy



Mijn Beautiful Boy





There’s this boy I love

Though he lives far away

But I just know

We’ll be together someday



Cos I knew the moment

That we met

He was the love

I would never forget



I look at his face

And my heart skips a beat

I know I need him

To make my life complete



He makes me laugh

And makes me smile

He’s the light in my eyes

The breeze that carries me a mile



He has a loving soul

That is easy and free

And his kindness

Lends so much warmth to me



Sometimes it’s like

He can read my mind

We dream the same way

We’re two of a kind



And though he’s far away

He’s with me every night

For in my dreams

I always hold him tight



He’s the most beautiful thing

I’ve ever seen

I pray that I never wake up

From this happy dream



I want to keep him close

And take all the pain away

I want to hold his hand

Through every hard day



I want to take away his lonely

And all his blue

I want to be his happy ending

And make his dreams come true



I want to make his life

A warm happy place

I want to help him keep

That smile on his face



I want to be the one

To take away all the wrong

I want to be with him

Until forever has been and gone



There is no one else

There couldn’t ever be

Everywhere I look

He’s the only one I see



I love this boy

More than words can say

And here in my heart

Is where he’ll always stay



The mountains could crash

Into the sea

The sun could one day

Cease to be



The moon could fall

From the sky

All the oceans could evaporate

And become dry



But I could never forget

This love I feel

This love is forever

And is for real



He fills my heart with happiness

My life with joy

And I will spend forever loving

My beautiful boy







~ for Michiel – my love, my life, my guy ~

Michiel - edit



Shining Through


Shining through collage



Shining Through





Whenever I feel low

And the cold is creeping in

I close my eyes and think of you

And it’s just like the warmth

Of the golden sun comes shining through




In the deepest part of my mind

I see a vision of your face

Smiling in laughter at me

And it makes everything peaceful

Just like floating on a gentle sea




Your smile warms me to my soul

It makes everything so easy

It makes me feel alive

That warmth is like oxygen

When I breathe it in, I thrive




I hear you voice speaking low

And in my weeping heart

I feel a little tug

Hearing those easy calming tones

Is just like the biggest, warmest hug




As I close my eyes and drift away

I picture your face, I hear your laugh

And softly I heave a peaceful sigh

For falling asleep with thoughts of you

Is just like the sweetest lullaby




So tonight when I close my eyes

I hope all the dreams I dream

Will be of you

For in your eyes and in your smile

I feel the warmth of the sun come shining through










“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”

– Phyllis Diller




The Voice


The Voice Collage with Text




The Voice




I had never known

Until I heard that voice

What the future sounded like

And that there is no choice

My heart was taken

In that instant of time

Stolen away by something

Real and Divine

A part of me

But no longer mine

Given to another

Who makes it shine




It can be a scary thing

To lose your heart

There’s nothing else in the world

That can make it beat so fast

You don’t stop and question

When the voice is calling

You just hold on tight

As you’re falling

You pray that when

You finally land

It’s firm ground you’ll find

And not sinking sand

That you got it right

This time round

That it’s not an illusion

That you’ve found

That the one you love

Truly loves you back

And that the words spoken

Are the actual fact




But something down deep

Tells you it’s True

You can’t explain how you know

You just do

Love is not pain

Love is not fear

And real true love

Doesn’t just disappear

It makes you give

Makes you care

Real love makes you want

To always be there

Love gives you courage

It makes you strong

Your heart has found

A place to belong

You will fight for that place

You won’t flee

You will cross the desert

You will sail the sea

You will climb mountains

You will dig to China

Because you know in your heart

There’s nothing finer




An enduring love

Is the most beautiful thing

It goes far deeper

Than mere skin

More lovely than a collection

Of physical features

It touches places

Nothing else ever reaches

Through sorrows and laughter

Highs and lows

Through all of life’s happiness

And all of life’s woes

Working and playing

Under silver moon and golden sun

Shared experiences become a life

As two fold into one




So if you feel a tingle

Somewhere way down deep

Pause a while

Let your whispering doubts sleep

Loves voice is clear

If you stop and listen

You’ll start to feel

You’ll glow and glisten

You won’t be able to ignore it

You can’t turn away

Love is here

And its here to stay









Quote: Thomas Gray


Poetry Is words that breathe





Made It Out In Time – Gary Larson

Made It Out In Time - Gary Larson


Secluded Corner


Footfalls echo



Secluded Corner




Do you ever think of me,

In some secluded corner of your mind?

Or do you avoid going there,

Not wanting to examine what you’ll find?



Do you wonder about my life these days?

Do you wonder what I’m doing now?

Or is the shadow of me,

Not something you can allow?



Do you ever wonder why?

Wonder what could’ve been?

If things hadn’t happened?

If we could’ve seen?



Do you ever hear the notes of a song,

Something familiar that begins to play,

And instantly memories of me flood in,

Memories from back in the day?



Do you ever regret the things you did?

The things you didn’t say?

Do you ever regret,

That you let me walk away?



Do you ever think of me and smile?

And someone catches it and asks why?

But you just shrug and change the subject

Or make up some lie?



Are you really happy?

Is your life everything you thought it would be?

Or at the end of every day dream,

Do you still come drifting back to me?



Do you ever see my picture,

And wish you could hear my voice?

Do you ever think about what happened?

Do you regret your choice?



Do you ever see someone,

And you think for an instant that it’s me?

Does your heart skip a beat?

Do you find it hard to breathe?



Do you recall my scent?

The softness of my hair?

Do you still see the light in my eyes,

As I laid my heart bare?



Do you have me tucked away?

In that secluded corner of your mind?

The place no one else lives.

The place no one else can find.



Do you still dream of me?

Every dark, moonless, stormy night?

Do you ever wish you could take it back?

Do you ever wish you could make it right?



Do you think of the things we did together,

And wish we could have those times again?

That this time round it wouldn’t be for nothing?

That it wouldn’t be in vain?



Do you feel it now?

Somewhere way down deep?

That you should’ve done things differently?

Or do you just let sleeping dogs sleep?



Do you regret that you listened?

That you let others have such a big say?

Do you wish now you’d carried on?

Do you wish you’d carried me away?



Do you wonder if I think of you?

If I drift to you once in a while?

Do you wonder if I remember?

And if the memory makes me smile?



Do you picture me looking out some window somewhere?

Not really seeing the view.

Because in my mind I’m adrift,

Drifting in memories of you



Do you wonder if I have regrets?

Or if I’d do it all over again?

Of would I do things differently?

Would I take safety over pain?



Do you wish you could ask me?

Do you wonder if I’d understand?

Do you wonder if you lost the best version of your life?

The version that for a moment you held in your hand?



But I guess you’ll never know.

And I guess neither will I.

So we’ll always wonder,

We’ll always have a ‘why’?



There will always be that secluded corner,

That locked place in your mind.

The place you’ll always visit.

The place I’ll always find.








“One need not be a chamber to be haunted;

One need not be a house;

The brain has corridors surpassing

Material place.”

– Emily Dickinson, “Time and Eternity”


“We do not remember days; we remember moments.”

– Cesare Pavese, “The Burning Brand”


“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. “

– The Wonder Years