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Your Love


At Hyde Park 2009  with quote and white



Your Love




I never felt truly free

Until I met you

I know you see me

See me for all that I am

You the only one who can


You can see through me

Through to my heart

You see all my pretend

You see all my good

You see me like no one else ever could


When I’m scared

You know; you care

You always tell me

The things I need to hear

You always vanish away all my fear


You’re the first person

To make me feel loved

You love me more

Than I love myself

There could never be anyone else



You make me feel

Like nothing I do matters

In that nothing I do

Could ever drive you away

You’re really here by my side to stay


With you I can fly

I can be who I am

I can say what I think

I am free just to be

Serious, silly, stupid, boring, sad, happy, me


I can tell you anything

Can tell you everything

And sometimes I can tell

You don’t know what to say

The important thing is you never turn away


The kindest soul

The sweetest person

You healed the hurt

Calmed the storm

You took all my cold and made it warm


When I look in the mirror

You’re the one I see

You’re standing beside me

Through every minute of everyday

Even if you’re half a world away


You hold my hand

In both of yours

You’re warm lips on mine

You hold me tight

Through every cold, dark and dreary night


My heart was crushed

But you’ve replaced it with yours

You’ve given me warmth

Given me a love I can’t describe

Your love has made me come alive


You are my haven

With you I feel safe

I trust you with it all

I give you my life; my heart

I trust you to forever and ever, never to part






~ For Mickey D… with all my love!







Mick and Rach Collage with place names






I love you because…

…you are a sweet dude!




I love you because…

…you are sweet too!



I love you because…

…you bring me coffee in bed.



I love you because…

…you bring me up when I feel down – so I never get too sad.



(Awww… <3)

I love you because…

…you make me laugh when you dance funny in and out of rooms.



I love you because…

…you love beer and frikandel almost as much as I do. J




I love you because…

…you cry when you feel something deeply.



I love you because…

…you say ‘I love you’ so sweetly!



I love you because…

…you get so excited for me when someone ‘likes’ my poetry blog.



I love you because…

…Jehovah loves you – and you really love Jehovah our God!



-Mick & Rach



– written by Mick & Rach on the occasion of their 4th wedding anniversary

27 March 2013 –




Quote: Make Lemons


when life gives you lemonade



Beautifully Undone


lovers quarrel with the world - square



Beautifully Undone




Sometimes I just want to run

Run away from the grey

Run into the sun

Everything is too much

The worlds too fast

Too out of touch

Sometimes I want it all to stop

To ground to a halt

To let me off

I want to scream

Want to shout

Want to let it all come out

Sometimes I just can’t stand tall

I feel insignificant

I feel so small

I want to hide

Want to disappear

Want to just not be here

Sometimes I want to fall to the floor

Fall and give way

Fall to my knees and pray

I want to finally give up

Give up pretending I’ve won

Give up and just come

Beautifully undone












Al & Me 2 Collage with Quote by Clara Ortega








I didn’t realize it

Until he went away

How much I’d miss him

How much I wish he could stay


Sitting at the airport

After saying goodbye

I suddenly felt

An overwhelming urge to cry


Al had made a real effort

When times had been bad

To help me get out

To keep me from getting too sad


He bought me a bike

He took me to soccer

And I know if he hadn’t cared

He really wouldn’t have bothered


We had some issues

A few problems earlier on

But we got over those

And learnt to get along


I found Al’s sense of humor

And love of good wine

Made him the best company

When I needed to unwind


And there isn’t a more passionate

Or fanatical football fan

Playing it and watching it

Whenever he can


But I love football

So that suited me too

And Al and I

Watched a live match or two


But our taste in movies

Is a little bit different

I like a happy ending

Whereas Al likes them deep and a bit bent


But we always enjoyed it

No matter how bad the movie turned out to be

The beer afterwards really helped us forget

The crap we’d wasted ten bucks to see


So even when it was hard

When all I wanted to do was cry

We still had fun together

Al and I


I realize now

Al was as hurt as me in his own way

He just didn’t say it as much

In that typical guy way


But now we are both doing well

Seems our wounds are healing

We understand each other better

We have more fellow feeling


Al’s a good guy

He’s a great brother

And I’m really happy that we have

More appreciation for each other


So it’s kind of sad

Now things are happy and everything is ok

To be so far apart

To be so far away


But I guess missing Al

Is better than not

Because at least it shows

We’ve both grown up a lot


I will always remember

That when the chips were down

Al was there for me

And helped me turn things around


That’s what family is for

That’s what brothers and sisters do

They give and forgive

And they love (erk choke argh spit) each other too








~ for my brother and my friend,  Al ~



“I don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers.

It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage.

Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.”

– Maya Angelou




“After a girl is grown,

Her little brother

– Now her protector –

Seems more like a big brother.”

– Astrid Alauda










Skin Bottle


skin bottle - for blog



Skin Bottle





In the dead of night

Just before dawn

Mourning begins

And the tears are warm


Questions unanswered

From back at the start

There’s no way to know

What lies in another’s heart


Revealed through fire

When it’s all too late

Nothing left to do

But obey and wait


She turned her back

Walked away

From those who loved her

And the world turned grey


The mystery was alluring

The need was strong

Didn’t want to hear

Refused to be wrong


A hollow void

Carved out by a man

Was suddenly filled

With glittering sand


Warm and inviting

Covering every pot hole and sin

But only as long as

There is no gust of strong wind


In love with a shadow

With nothing real to say

So many voices calling

But she wouldn’t stay


Kept enthralled

By a rebels song

A self centered will

A heart headstrong


Choices are made

A path is chosen

Lives become splintered

Bonds are broken


An act of betrayal

Too painful to ignore

No one to beg

No one to implore


The anguish of a mother

A heart come undone

Silent tears of a brother

Wanting to run and run


A sisters every fear

Realized in a night

No one to go to

To make it alright


The die was cast

The stone was set

So now it’s time to move on

Time to let live and forget


There is no question

When it’s black and it’s white

You must go on

Though it feels a hopeless plight


This mourning will pass

Though it may dawn again

But it’s not unnoticed

And it’s not in vain


Tears and heartache

For a just cause

Won’t go unanswered

Or fall without reward


For nothing is impossible

There is a mountain of proof

When we put our trust

In the God of all truth


He knows the pain of betrayal

That bites deep like a knife

He knows it wounds and scars

That it changes your life


He’s lost love too

And knows the anguish

So he won’t forget us

Our fear he can vanquish


With care and affection

Our wounds he will bind

Our hurts will be lessened

It just takes some time


In a skin bottle

Is where he stores all our tears

Surely he does the same

With our pain and our fears


So let go and move on

Though weary through the night

Sure that hope remains

To those who try to do what is right


He’s not looking for perfection

He’s looking for love

Those that love may fall

But he’s keeping watch from above


When you’re crawling

When you’re stumbling around

He’s there beside you

Helping pick you up off the ground


So take the hand he is offering

Let him pull you near

You’ll feel his warm assurance

As he collects up all your tears


Know he feels our pain

When he sees our sorrow

And he promises an everlasting

And happy tomorrow








“Those sowing seed with tears, will reap even with a joyful cry.”

– Psalms 126:5



“Jehovah is near to those broken at heart;

And those who are crushed in spirit he saves.”

– David, Son of Jesse, Psalms 34:8 



“With men this is impossible,

but with God all things are possible.”

– Jesus Christ, Matthew 19, 26





The Paupers Prize



Evil Princess in Blue with Shadow -  with quote




The Paupers Prize




I have a tale to tell

A story the wise will listen to

A fairy tale nightmare

Told from a cautionary view



It’s the story of a Princess

And a Pauper too

The Princess wanted something

That the Pauper came to rue



Never stand between

A Princess and her Prize

Or she’ll use her sharpened tongue

To gauge out your eyes



She’ll send her witless courtiers

To torture you to death

And her witchy mother

With her poisonous breath



A Princess gets what she wants

No matter what the price

Even if it means slaughter

With charm and with lies



Her smile is sweet as saccharine

A most cunning device

But all the time she’s plotting

Your imminent demise



She’ll flatter you so sincerely

All the while concealing a knife

So if you have any sense

You’ll run for your life



She’ll take your magic mirror

She’ll steal your golden hope

She’ll lock you in a dungeon

Leave you dangling on a rope



While her court jesters entertain

With music and with joke

Your home she’ll be burning

To ashes and smoke



As she prances and poses

In glittering gowns and jewelled shoes

She sweeps everything away

With her killer baby blues



She’ll do the merry dance

She’ll sing the siren song

A Princess can do anything

And she’s never wrong



What she wants she always gets

With absolutely no exception

She makes sure her subjects

Give her all their attention



Everything shiny, sparkling, new

Everything outwardly sugar and spice

But in reality everything inside

Is malice, creepy crawlies and lice



So she’ll rampage and rage

Until she’s conquered and won

And where can a poor Pauper

Hope to run?



For a shallow soul

With calculated ambition

Will not see

And why should she listen?



A spoilt Princess

Rules with an iron hand

She does not care

And she can’t understand



So she sent her assassins

Who killed with stories and lies

So she could take what she coveted

The Paupers Prize



But the day the Pauper died

Was a beginning and an end

The Princess took her treasure

And the Pauper lost a friend



Now she’s preening in her mirror

Crowing over her Prize

The Princess hides so confidently

Behind her practised disguise



She polishes her crown

A confection of cardboard and glitter

She displays all the paste Jewels

She had made so perfectly to fit her



She must appear the perfect Princess

For she desires to become a Queen

So to keep her prestige and power

She stomps on Golden Mean



But for all her cold castles

And despite her wind up marching band

Her rampaging royal rump

Has been built on shifting sand



One day a perfect storm

Will wash it all away

All her subjects will be gone

Her kingdom left in disarray



No more glittering jewels

No more courtiers and witchy mother

No more disguises

No where to run for cover



She’ll find herself exposed

As an ugly crooked crone

Sitting cackling toothless

On a rusty tin throne



So the lesson is clear

The moral is this:

Never trust a Princess

One day you’ll discover – she’s a witch





“Woe to you… hypocrites! Because you resemble whitewashed graves which outwardly indeed appear beautiful  but inside are full of dead men’s bones”

– Jesus Christ, Matthew 23:27



“Many a man’s reputation would not know his character if they met on the street” 

– Elbert Hubbard