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Don’t Understand


Forbear to judge - swift Kick




Don’t Understand





There are so many things I just don’t understand

They leave me wondering, leave me scratching my head

Puzzled and bemused by things that have been done

By words written or things said

Negative, critical, bitter, jealous, or judgmental

Competitive, shallow, vain, arrogant, and mean

It all just confounds me, just does in my head



I don’t understand a judgmental attitude

Making critical comments about whether others do enough

Pointing out flaws and failings and such

The judgmental person must be extremely tough

For they walk around with a big rafter protruding from their eye

While attempting to extract the straws of others

With nothing more than their huff and their puff



I don’t understand the obsession with looks

Looks that fade and change

As transitory as green leaves in Autumn

Looks that in this life are impossible to maintain

It’s the person beneath the skin and bone that matters

For when the outside shell eventually crumbles

The person beneath is all that will remain



I don’t understand arrogance

That air of superiority, the know-it-all without regard

Putting others down just to feel the up

The need to boast, to impress, to shock, to awe

But in reality the life of a boaster is just one big facade

No one can live up to their own arrogant hype

When they fall, they fall hard



I don’t understand people who say mean things

Who use their tongue to slay

To make another feel hurt, feel bad

To take another’s joy and confidence away

Such ones betray their insecurity and unhappiness

Two things that will never change

Until they learn to consider with kindness the things they say



I don’t understand pretentiousness

The endless effort made to impress with the material thing

It’s the way of the world, not the way of the truth

Possessions are limited in the happiness they bring

There is always some newer, bigger, better, trendier, thing

Impressing with things is a striving after wind

People of real substance don’t care about bling bling



I don’t understand bitterness

Holding on tenaciously to the hurt and the grudge

It makes people sad and negative

It’s paralyzing, they can’t move on, can’t budge

The mole hill becomes a mountain

And the mountain is endlessly large

Bitterness makes permanent what should have been a wipe away smudge



I don’t understand competitiveness

Those who have to out do everyone else in every part of their life

Who must be ‘the’ popular single, the ‘it’ couple, the ‘super’ parents

The ‘successful’ husband, the ‘perfect’ wife

Unrealistic expectations of themselves and of others

Only lead to frustration and strife

Choking individuality, a place where real trust and friendship cannot survive



I don’t understand those who let jealousy get the upper hand

Who are not happy to let another shine

Who envy the attention, the happiness, or the nice things, another has

Who are always thinking ‘that should have been mine!’

It eats them up, leaves them hollow, feeds their discontent

Working to bring another down does not remove their issues and insecurity

Happiness is an elusive thing to a jealous mind



I don’t understand why some always have to be the leader

Always have to get their own way

They won’t give in easily or let someone else set the pace

They stomp their feet, throw a tantrum, grumble and criticism

Then wonder why people walk away

Lasting friendships can only be forged

When people feel respected, considered and are given a say



I don’t understand why we all strive to be an individual

But then let ourselves be squeezed into some satanic mold

Where we are taught to think his way, do his deeds and suffer his reward

Our life bought and sold

And what will be left when it’s all stripped away?

When it’s in with the new and out with the old?

Will a thing of warmth and beauty remain, or will we be a husk, shallow and cold?



So no – I don’t understand why we don’t remove all our own big rafters

Before commenting on another’s little straws

Why we don’t pay more attention to the inner person rather than the outer

Why we don’t close more easily bitter or jealous doors

Why we think things ‘make us’ rather than ‘fake us’

Why we strive for the bigger, better, cabin on a sinking ship

Why we continually seek human, rather than heavenly applause?



But despite all these things I don’t understand

I’ve found one thing that I do…

Imperfection is something with which we are all blighted

So how grateful we can be to that one up above

Who sent his son to release us, who keeps all our road ways lighted

Who understands our plight, who will continue to help us fight it

Until finally one happy day, all our wrong ways will become righted










” But the end of all things has drawn close.

Therefore, be sound in mind, 

and be vigilant with a view to prayers.

Above all things, have intense love for one another, 

because love covers a multitude of sins.”

– 1 Peter 4:7,8






Quote: Thomas Gray

Poetry Is words that breathe


That Enchanted Moment


poetry of the earth - John Keats in black



That Enchanted Moment





White swirls all around

It cloaks and conceals

Hidden in whispers

Everything is surreal

No heaven above

The world below is lost

Careful steps taking

Into another world crossed

An odyssey into purgatory

Bewildered and confused

No end to be seen

Dazed and bemused




Then a new wind blows

And something shifts

Sunlight filtering down

As white gauze gently lifts

Parting gossamer sheets

Cobwebs of rain

The universe centres

Nothing is in vain

A grand vista opens

Curtains on a stage

A story book picture appearing

As God turns the page


Psalm 10424 2


Greens and blues

Layered with gold

Mountains ever marching

The ancients of old

Hollows of mystery

Valleys lost and deep

Where legends were born

And dragons still sleep



Among dotted lakes and cairns

Silver sparkles play

Fickle night stars

Seduced down to the day

Arcs of colour

Flooding to the ground

Gemstone flecks

Scattered all around



A canvas carved

Painted with life

Lifting high

Far above petty strife

Transporting to another place

Another space and time

Connects to something greater

Something truly divine



Breathe it in

Soak it up with every pore

For this is what

We were all born for

Gods Canvas is all around

Though sometimes weary eyes just can’t see

The beauty and wonder

Cloaked by so much mundane and misery




But when tired feet wander

High and far

Searching for something

Something to explain who we are

Searching for that enchanted moment

When the veil is blown away

So that blinking we can look out

And see the old world drop away



Then time stands still

And the horizon opens up

And suddenly everything seems possible

Life is a very full cup

And seeing we can breathe

And breathing we can gaze

And gazing we can give thanks

For the rest of our endless days








Cradle mt with Romans 120


– written after an amazing hike through mountains in Tasmania.  We started out hiking in mist, not able to see a foot in front of us. Then got to the summit – and suddenly – all the mist disappeared and – wow. The world appeared below us. In that moment we felt so small – and so in awe of Jehovah’s awesome design and artistry in the amazingly beautiful world he created.

“You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things, and because of your will they came into existence and were created.” – Revelation 4:11