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The Cats of Montmartre


Cats of Monmartre Collage


The Cats of Montmartre



Meow Meow

The Cats of Montmartre

Are on the Prowl



Hissing and spitting

Claws are bared

Arrogantly stalking

Beware Beware

What’s yours is theirs

They have decided

Silently they pounce

So fast you just can’t fight it

Purring and preening

They display their prey

Bloodied and bleeding

As they prance away



Later they sit daintily

Licking their claws

Sheathing those weapons

In silky paws

It’s the spotlight they want

The attention they crave

So they must attack

Whatever stands in their way

Though seeming to sleep

They are ever alert

For any intrusion

On territory and turf



Cats are selfish

Everything is all about them

What they want, they get

It’s not if, it’s when

They don’t change

Don’t lose their claws

They shine and sharpen

They keep them warm

So if there’s a tasty dish

Or warm spot in the sun

You better take care

You better run



Meow Meow

The cats of Montmartre

Are on the Prowl




By Rach




“Cats only pretend to be domesticated

If they think there’s a bowl of milk in it for them.”

– Robin Williams



“ Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel.

True, and they have many other fine qualities as well”

– Missy Dizick



“I named my kitten Rose

– fur soft as a petal,

claws sharper than thorns.”

– Astrid Alauda



“The trouble with a kitten is that

Eventually it becomes a cat.”

– Ogden Nash



“The man who carries a cat by the tail learns something that can be learned in no other way”.

– Mark Twain