A Raconteur Girl Production

I Remember

God gave us Memory quote


I Remember



I remember you


You in that time

That place

You in my space

In my head

In the clouds

In the sunshine

Between the stars

Shining like the moon

Whistling that tune


Oh yes

I remember you


I remember feeling


Feeling alive

Feeling warm

Like hot chocolate

But light, breezy

A leaf carried on summers haze

Drifting dreamlike through my days

Sun shining through rain

Hope breathing through pain

Dancing unseen, reeling


Oh yes

I remember feeling



I remember light


Light in your eyes

Golden warm

A spark in the air

Something hanging just there

Soaring and wheeling

That feather weight feeling

Flying through skies

Touching the sunrise

So clear, so bright


Oh yes

I remember light


I remember dreaming


Dreaming of two hand in hand

Walking on sand

Rhythm and rhyme

Free just to be

Comfortable chairs, comfortable names

Memories hanging in frames

Candles lighting, a warm room inviting

Laughing eyes gleaming


Oh yes

I remember dreaming


I remember you


You  were a calling

Moth to a flame

No one to blame

No doubt

No question

Without hesitation

Fireworks, a spark

A hope in the dark

A puzzle, a clue

A breath taking view


Oh yes

I remember you






“Memory is more than a dustbin of time, stuffed with yesterday’s trash. Rather, memory is a glorious grab bag of the past from which one can at leisure pluck bittersweet experiences of times gone by and relive them.” – Hal Boyle, 1971

“My dear, dear Friend… in thy voice I catch
The language of my former heart…” –
William Wordsworth




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