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Hey all! 🙂

Welcome to “Breathe & Burn”  –  my new blog dedicated entirely to poetry.

This blog will be an on-going work in progress. I’ll be adding ‘stuff’ as my schedule allows. I hope to eventually have all my poetry and the poems I love here in this one place.  I’ll post updates on G+ and Facebook, but you’re also welcome to check in now and then. (And feel free to kick my butt if I get lazy – 😛  😉  And by the by, for any butt kicking, poetry contributions – yours or others you love – or a suggestion about the blog, please feel free to leave me a comment here. I’m also contactable by email: mickenrach@hotmail.com. or tweet me: @raconteurgal  https://twitter.com/ )

I’ll start off posting some of my earlier writing, and work my way up to more recent stuff. I think my work definitely gets more real and interesting the older and… well… older…  I get – 🙂  😛  😉  Ahhhh… Old-er age has gotta be good for something – right?

So… about?


For as long as I can remember, I’ve written poetry.

The first memory I have of writing anything, is of a poem I wrote when I was seven. It was a depressing subject – death – (my teachers pick) – but I found I really enjoyed it. (The writing that is – not the death!)

Because both Mom and Dad were artists, and because right from a very young age they encouraged a love of reading and books, I have always had a leaning towards the imaginative, the expressive, and anything ‘wordy’. So when I discovered you could paint pictures with words, and that it was called ‘poetry’, it became my thing to do when I needed to relax, vent or to sound myself out – and this collection is the result.

I recently published a book of my poetry collection, but thought a blog edition would also be great – plus easier to read, (it’s a monster book!) and much easier to update when I have something new to add.

As well as my poetry, this blog contains poems by epic writers that I’ve found inspiring, song lyrics that mean something to me, quotes that I agree with or that I want to include just because – and most especially because – they made me laugh! I’ve also tried to incorporate photographs, art pieces and even some cartoons that illustrate my work in one way or another.

In my life I shy away from any kind of pretence –  I have a keen distaste for it. I appreciate candour and honesty and I write the same way. Truth and honesty in thought and feeling are not things I believe anyone should ever be ashamed of. If we are honest and real, we can admit that underneath it all, we all have had similar feelings, thoughts and emotions at various times in our lives. We all make mistakes. We all say, do, or think things we later regret, feel differently about, or see from a completely different angle the more experience in life we gain. Boil it all down, and Life is a learning process. So why pretend none of it happened?  We didn’t feel that way?  We didn’t have those thoughts?  Didn’t make that mistake? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s all part of the imperfect, all too familiar,  human experience.

Poetry, like most artistic forms of expression, is driven by an emotional response. The worst experiences, the most emotional events, and even the ugliest thoughts –  most often make for the best poetry. Any poem worth it’s salt can take you to the place the writer was at when the poem was penned.  As an example – certain poems make me cry every single time I read them. Others I cannot read without cringing.  And one or two get me laughing out loud. (And just for the record I’m yet to read anything that gets me ROTFL… so if you have any suggestions please let me know!) So yeah – good poems can just take you to that place.  So real, heart felt  emotion is the biggest part of writing a good poem. And so –  human emotions being what they are – in this blog you’ll find the good the bad and the ugly.

Poems of imagination, inspired by a thought, an idea, or by something I’ve seen or read.

Poems based on events in my life.

Poems written in the honest emotion of the moment – be that happy or sad, negative or positive, appreciative or dragged  from a depths of a deep, dark place. I own some of those thoughts and feelings to this very day. Others were momentary, and once expressed, they passed. But whatever the case – I own them. They are mine. Like a photograph, they are a snap shot of my life. They are part of my history – part of me.

So… these are the words that have helped me to imagine, feel, sort, purge, vent, cope, mourn, grieve, express, hope, reason, remember, love, heal, regain courage, find peace, and… go on.

These are the poems of my life… so far.

~  xx Rach



2 responses

  1. 2 TIM

    Hey Nice 🙂 .. love yer site …….. I have a BUNCH of poetry …. it’s OLDER and Pretty Dark .. 😀 .. From a Dark time in life .. . perhaps If you’d want to see any.. I should Send a PM on FB first haha 🙂 .. TIM

    March 28, 2013 at 7:45 pm

  2. Tim – send me your stuff PM. I’m a believer that poetry such as you described is honest real & truthful – and therefore a very valuable expression of thought feeling and emotions. Most of my favourite poets such as Tennyson and Byron were not light happy guys. Even David’s best and most moving Psalms were written in his darkest hours. I get that. Been there. So… send. Send. I will happily post them. We can do so anonymously if you’d prefer. It’s up to you. Poetry is art. 🙂 Believe me Tim – other people will recognise themselves in your words.

    March 28, 2013 at 8:59 pm

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