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Cartoon – Calvin & Hobbes


You Are


You Are - Collage



You Are




You are the reason I’m smiling

Smiling each and every day

You are the reason I wanna fly

Fly far, far away


You are the reason the stars come out

Come out to play

You are the reason I’m dreaming

Dreaming the night away


You are the warmth I feel

Feel down to my toes

You are the happy ending to the story

The story nobody knows


You are the one I wanna hold

Wanna hold tight

You are the one that makes everything

Everything all right


You are the one I wanna hug

Wanna hug and kiss

You are the one I can’t help

Can’t help but miss


You are the reason I laugh

Laugh through my tears

You are the reason I’ve given up

Given up all my fears


You are the reason I don’t feel alone

Alone anymore

You are the one who always gives

Gives me more


You are the one I wanna be with forever

Forever and a day

You are the only one who makes me feel

Makes me feel this way


You are the one who’s got me singing

Singing all day long

You are the one who showed me where

Where I belong



You are the golden sunshine

Sunshine on my face

You are the voice

Voice that makes my heart race


You are the endless ocean lapping

Lapping to my shore

You are the future knocking

Knocking at my door


You are the wish I never knew

Never knew I made

You are the truest love

Love that will never fade









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