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Poetry – Contributed


Snow Storm


Snow Storm


Snow Storm




The snow is falling down,

there’s a whistle in the air,

I was looking for the sun

though I know it isn’t there.



I tried to bundle up,

but the coat just wouldn’t help.

I’m so hurt that when I walked,

my knees buckled and I fell.



When you left my heart in pieces,

I could only wonder why,

because I would not go tumbling to the ground

just to cry.



So I struggled to my feet,

though my body’s getting stiff,

and I’m walking on an incline,

less afraid I’m going to trip.



My mind clearly couldn’t focus

despite just how hard I tried,

and this blizzard just got stronger.

It would take a while to die.



Still I pressed on through this snowstorm,

just as sure I would survive,

and I’m here telling this story

because I got out alive.



by Anon

(a contributed piece)





If I Had Only

i held opportunity

If I Had Only

If I had only said I loved you,
If I ever kissed that grin,
I would have enjoyed that moment.
I would do it all again.
If I had only listened better,
If I wiped away your tears,
I would bring you heartfelt pleasure
That you would feel for many years.
If I had only cherished your kindness,
If I only embraced your care,
I would not have felt so blinded.
I would still have you here.
If I had only taken the time
To grant you at least one chance,
I would experience the success
Of having with you the perfect romance.

Contributed by:

Mr Anon

Playing Our Song

swallow-flight of song




Playing Our Song




We sat down together at the four-hand piano,
And our friends and family sat not far away,
Waiting patiently as they always have in our lives.
That night, the memories that her and I shared
Drifted back into my mind.

I whispered something into her ear and she nodded…

With a light
And almost unheard start,
She commenced to play the piano,
And I followed with a deeper tone soon after.
The song tells about how we met,
How I saw her light-blonde hair, smooth cheeks,
And a smile that any woman would die for.
The smooth melody of my life fades in.
Now I see the first night we kissed,
The day we got engaged to one another,
And I saw my blissful fiancee dance in her light-blue dress.
We twisted and twirled the night away.
Then came the bridge,
Which reminded me of tough times we went through together.
Even in those trying moments in our lives,
I just knew I couldn’t let go.
She was there for me every single day.
I was there for her every night.
We made it through the bridge in our song,
And so the song slows down,
Ending with the most beautiful,
Most enjoyable,
And touching



Contributed by:

Mr Anonymous


~ to the author: thank you & much appreciated!  I’m a fan! Rach ~ 




The Truth


The Truth



Why should someone stifle
something that should excite?
Why hide with darkness
Something that should see the light?
Why mislead millions
And leave them without a clue?
What we have is truth
And we bring the truth to you.
So hurry! hurry! hurry!
As this world draws to a close.
The end’s around the corner.
Every true Christian should know.
Jehovah’s kingdom will bring justice
And we want to stay in line.
So may we reach out with boldness
So others can do what’s fine!


Chante Walker 




~ thanks for your contribution Chante! Love it! – Rach


“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

– John  8:32