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Good Enough

Rach and the Prince - I hate the day



Good Enough





Once Upon a time

I thought you were my prince

You were Mr. Perfect

Of that I was convinced


I thought you were clever

I considered you wise

You were so wonderful

A treasure, a fantastical prize


You weren’t  a flirt

And you wouldn’t hide

You were exactly like me

I thought with naive pride


You were my friend

You would look out for me

And one day you’d carry me off

On your dashing white steed


I imbued you with all the qualities

Of the man I imagined you to be

I thought you were the one

The only one for me


And although the question niggled

Was I good enough for you?

I never picked up

Just asking that should’ve been a clue


Then once upon a time

I woke up to watch helpless as you ran

I heard lying words on your lips

And realised my prince was made of sand


There was no Mr. Perfect

In fact, there was no man

There was just a boy

And his big marching band


You had to keep up

You had to sing along

You feared to be different

And so you just marched on and on


You weren’t looking out for me

There was no dashing steed

There was just you

And there was just me


At the time I was crushed

Disappointed to realise

You were just as flawed as me

You were no fantastical prize


But looking back I laugh

Because now I plainly see

The question I should’ve been asking was:

Were you good enough for me?








“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. 

He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice.” 

~ Albert Einstein



“A man must consider what a rich realm he abdicates when he becomes a conformist.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



“Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. 

But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides,

and following them you will reach your destiny.”

– Carl Schurz, address, Faneuil Hall, Boston, 1859



“Bachelors’ wives and old maids’ children are always perfect.”

– Nicholas Chamfort





Albert Einstein: Warless World

pioneers of a war less world - Albert Einstein


I’m The Girl


PicMonkey Collage



I’m The Girl





I’m the girl with the tired grin

The one still fighting not to give in

The one who sees rainbow skies

Even when that sun doesn’t rise




I’m the girl with broken dreams

The one much smaller than she seems

The one who just cannot see

Where the joy is in being set free




I’m the girl whose heart was pulled out through her lungs

The one who screams though no one comes

The one who’s strong because she’s had to be

A vagrant no one seems to see




I’m the girl who trusts him still

The one who feels and knows his love is real

The one without a doubt

He’ll hear her call and answer her shout




I’m the girl searching to belong

The one playing a newly discovered song

The one who thought she knew it all

Until the day she took that fall




I’m the girl who learnt the truth

The one who couldn’t ignore the proof

The one who cried and ran away

Until she saw that love just couldn’t stay




I’m the girl with wisdom born of fears

The one older than her years

The one who knows what it takes

To beat a heart until it breaks




I’m the girl without a reflection

The one left without any protection

The one who was forced to grow

A thickened skin to weather the blow




I’m the girl who hopes no one will ever know

The one who hopes the failure does not show

The one who prays that one shiny day,

Someone will see it but choose to love her anyway




I’m the girl carrying the load

The one walking wounded along that narrow road

The one negotiating rock and thorn

Waiting for a life to be reborn




I’m the girl with the lingering fear

The one who loses all those she holds dear

The one who refuses to let it beat her down

So she painted her face and became a clown




I’m the girl singing in the rain

The one rising above all the pain

The one who will always believe

That there is another out there just like me




I’m the girl refusing to be defeated

The one whose life has not yet been completed

The one bruised but not scarred by all the strife

Still seeing joy and color in this incredible life




I’m the girl with the happy feet

The one dancing all alone to a different beat

The one who’ll love you even when

You’re about to hurt her all over again




I’m the girl sleeping through the night

The one tunneling towards the light

The one holding while others flee

Facing realities too difficult for most to see




I’m the girl who’ll stand by your side

The one whose eyes have never lied

Enamored of that moonlit path in the night

Always following the silvery light




I’m the girl who will take you in

The one who’s the same as she’s always been

The one who knows the hidden you

And will still be there when it’s all through




I’m the girl who won’t let go

The one who loves even so

The one who will not give up

Still seeing that half filled cup




I’m the girl who still looks for the good

The one who believes you can and should

The one smiling in the dark and cold

Whose love cannot be bought or sold




I’m the girl wearing her heart on her sleeve

The one who will always grieve

The one who still thinks of his face

One who no other can replace




I’m the girl still striving for a way

The one who wants love and laughter every day

The one who wants forever and the universe

Believing in life beyond the curse




I’m the girl who sees beneath your skin

The one who knows where you fit in

The one longing for the day

She doesn’t have to hide her heart away




I’m the girl without a clue

The one no one ever knew

The one wanting to be seen

For the good, the bad and everything in between




I’m the girl smiling now

The one laughing because you showed her how

The one sleeping under a peaceful star

Because contentment is wherever you are




I’m the girl and you know its true

The one whose dreams are just of you

The one searching to find

That other soul with the same mind




I’m the girl with a glowing vision

The one reborn after the collision

The one sparkling beneath the grime

Just waiting for a true heart to find









“I have never looked upon ease and happiness as ends in themselves – such an ethical basis I call more proper for a herd of swine. The ideals which have lighted me on my way and time and time given me new courage to face life cheerfully have been: Truth Goodness and Beauty.”

– Albert Einstein



Stupid Game





Stupid Game





Thought if there was anyone I could trust

It’d be one of us

Someone who’d been through the storm

Been through the rain

Someone who knew the pain

But I was wrong

You’re just another ‘done me wrong’ song

You’re just the same

It’s a different storm but the same old ship

Same old howling wind

Same old could’ve been

You made me finally believe

Thought I’d found my reprieve

But you’re just another guy

Looking to have his cake and eat it too

With no intention to follow through

You painted pretty pictures

With your invisible ink

Then wiped them all away and left me to sink

Wanted the prize but not the work

You left me here bleeding

You left me here alone you jerk

You’ve made me bitter

You’ve made me hurt

I’ve cried tears over you that you don’t deserve

I didn’t think you would play a game

But you did

And even so you won’t take any blame

You refuse to face my pain

 We should be above all this

Above the Judas kiss

You talked the talk

But weren’t prepared to walk the walk

So you ran and you hid

You weren’t made to face what you did

You went back to your little world

Where no accusations could be hurled

Where no one would lay any blame

Where you can hide in cowardly shame

At least I now know what you are

So there’ll be no permanent scar

It’s just a shame

It was all just some stupid game









All It Takes


All It Takes








A skipped heart beat


A shared glance


A simmering heat


An ancient dance


A laughter shared


A soft calm landing


A soul so bared


An understanding…




…is all it takes


For stars above


To heal heartaches


And you’re in love.




A slow invasion


A gentle blow


A chance occasion


An undertow


A beauty hidden


A secret smile


A gift given


A little while…




…is all it takes


For stars above


To heal heartaches


And you’re in love.




A dawning thought


A strange sensation


A heart held caught


A realisation


A giving in


A doubt let go


A trusting thing


A new tomorrow…




…is all it takes


For stars above


To heal heartaches


And you’re in love.





Rach Harry Albert