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Tears We Never Shed

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Tears We Never Shed




Some tears we cry but never shed

We just bury them as deep as we can instead


Until the day the flood gates open

And we pour out all the grief that was never spoken


Grief for all that we’ve seen

For all the hurt

For all of what could’ve been

Pushed down and repressed in our crying heart

Till it over flows and finally bursts apart


On that day we spell it out

Give voice to the woe

Put it where it deserves to be

Where it needs to go


Sometimes it’s the deepest hurts

The ones we can’t do anything about

That we refuse to look at

We refuse to feel

To cry

To shout


But as we say the words and cry the tears

As we feel the pain

We shed our fears


With nothing more to hold inside

We can finally breathe

We feel a new wind on our face

Give sorrow a reprieve


Like a candle glowing in the dark

Like the day that follows night

We will find the way again

We will find the light


Then we can look back

In memory and not in pain

Look back with wisdom at times that will never come again


The hurt dissipates once all the tears are gone

And rainbow skies appear

So bright

So clear


And your heart moves on








Awake! March 2014 “Your Mysterious Tears”














You said there was no interest

Although your actions said you did

But instead of owning it

You ran and hid


You said you had no intentions

And maybe that was true

I had no intentions either

Just feelings that you grew


You couldn’t meet my eyes

As the truth went up in flame

And though you knew your part

You let me take all the blame


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

You can try to hide from it

But it’s the truth that sets you free



You were playing with my heart

While you were singing with the choir

But in that instant I saw you

Saw through to the liar


You think I didn’t know

Didn’t feel the truth?

I have your unguarded words

Words of proof


Giving me your time

When no one else could see

Giving me the feeling

Your feelings were only for me


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see?

You might not understand it

But it’s the truth that sets you free



Something was alive

Whenever we met

Something was whispering

Something hard to forget


Electricity in the air

Felt it crackling there

So I named that feeling

Laid it open, laid it bare


There is no shame in speaking

In feeling something true

The things left unspoken

Are the things you come to rue


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

You can deny it

But it’s the truth that sets you free



When I finally saw the truth

Hiding there behind your lies

I saw the end

So I said my goodbyes


I joined in your lie

I let you go

Let it all get taken

By gossips undertow


I acted the part

You gave me to play

Watching from above

As love became foam atop a tidal wave


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

You can try to run

But it’s the truth that sets you free



They all think you’re perfect

Think you’re the ‘it’ guy

They put you on some pedestal

Away, way up high


But you aren’t that person

I’ve seen you lie

But that’s the thing with love

It has a truthful eye


Love sees strength and weakness

It sees what’s real

But it hopes and restores

It forgives and heals


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

You might not believe it

But it’s the truth that sets you free



One day you’ll become

More than you are today

One day you’ll have the courage

To say all the words you want to say


You won’t let others dictate

Or write out your lines

You won’t let fear bind you

Keep you locked in its confines


But right now you’re a liar

And I am not a fool

So I’m letting the lie be the truth

I’m letting the truth be the rule


Liar, liar

When are you gonna see

Though it might hurt for a while

It’s the truth that sets you free







“We tell lies when we are afraid…

afraid of what we don’t know,

afraid of what others will think,

afraid of what will be found out about us.

But every time we tell a lie,

the thing that we fear grows stronger”

– Tad Williams



“A lie will easily get you out of a scrape,

And yet, strangely and beautifully,

Rapture possesses you

When you have taken the scrape

And left out the lie”

– Charles Edward Montague, Disenchantment