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Gentle blows the wind

gentle is the sea

gentle are the thoughts

that bring you to me




Gentle is the setting sun

gentle warmth does seep

gentle smile on my lips

as I fall asleep




Gentle are those eyes

gentle is that smile

gentle is the hand

that holds mine a while




Gentle words spoken

Gentle in the night

Gentle hearts take them in

and hold on to them tight




Gentle comes the feeling

gentle as a kiss

gentle like the rolling mist

that you just can’t miss




Gentle is the realisation

gentle the dawning thought

gentle comes the knowledge

that your heart is caught




Gentle are the wishes

gentle are the dreams

gentle is the hope

it’s all closer than it seems




Gentle stars twinkle above

gentle moon sitting low

gentle breezes whispering

all the truths they know




Gentle days drifting by

gentle souls that wait

gentle is their trust

happiness never comes too late









“Humble yourselves therefore,

Under the mighty hand of God,

That he may exalt you in due time”

– 1 Peter 5:6





For A While


For a While




For A While




You were a jerk

You were a lad

You made me laugh

You were a cad

Made me confused

Made me mad

Made me despair

Made me sad

I wasn’t forever

Just your latest fad



But for all that…

…I’m still glad



You made me happy

Made me smile

Gave me hope for a while




You were a coward

You ran and hid

You made me your patsy

When you did what you did

You made me angry

You made me livid

Made me furious

Made me lose it

Made me crazy

Made me bear it



But for all that…

…I’m still missing it



You made me happy

Made me smile

Gave me hope for a while




You were my friend

You were a lie

You made me weep

You made me cry

Made me feel

Made me sigh

Made me question

Made me wonder why

Made me truthful

Made me lie



But for all that…

…I’m still alive



You made me happy

Made me smile

Gave me hope for a while









Lost every day




I’m lost in this weird place
With nowhere to go
Do you like me or hate me
Cos I really don’t know

I’ve never been so confused
So very frustrated
You got me pulling my hair out
So much tension created

One day we’re talking
The next you avoid me
On minute you’re a friend
The next you ignore me

I just don’t get it
Don’t understand why
Was it something I said?
Or did you tell the lie?

Are you listening to others
Instead of talking to me?
Do you think you know
When you don’t really see?

You seem to have these rules
I know nothing about
So why not talk to me
And take away all the doubt?

The way you’re acting
Was making me feel sad
But now when I think of it
It just makes me mad

It’s like you made a decision
Without telling me
Pulled the plug on our friendship
Decided it just couldn’t be

I thought you understood
That you really got me
That we were close
And would continue to be

I don’t know what’s changed
Cos I’m still the same
I’m just being myself
Not playing any game

So are you my friend?
Can we get back on track?
Can we go back to easy?
Can we go back?

Cos I miss your laugh
And I miss your smile
So come on over
And lets talk for a while

Lets remember this
Lets laugh about that
Lets be friends again
Lets get it back




“I never knew 

until that moment

how bad it could hurt

to lose something

you never really had”

– The Wonder Years