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See it

Make it

Claim it

Fake it

Jump in the fray




Read it

Take it

Need it

Shake it

Give it another day




Be it

Play it

Own it

Say it

Totally give it away




Risk it

Feel it

Trust it

Seal it

Be a little brave




Lift it

Hold it

Keep it

Bold it

Take it all the way








“Well done is better than well said.”

– Benjamin Franklin



“When we commit to action, to actually doing something rather than feeling trapped by events, the stress becomes manageable.”

– Greg Anderson



“All know the way; few actually walk it.”

– Bodhidharma



“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.”

– Alfred Adler





You’ll Never





You'll Never



You’ll Never




You’ll never know

If you never ask

If you never say the words

You’ll never see

If you never go

If you never soar with the birds



You’ll never hear

If you never listen

If you never strive to belong

You’ll never sing

If you never try

If you never learn the song



You’ll never win

If you never lose

If you never experience loss

You’ll never own

If you never work

If you never want to pay the cost



You’ll never laugh

If you never cry

If you never own any emotion

You’ll never discover

If you never search

If you never plumb the depths of that ocean





You’ll never find

If you never look

If you never lose the fears that bind

You’ll never live

If you never love

If you never cherish what you find



You’ll never have

If you never hold

If you never risk a second glance

You’ll never feel

If you never trust

If you never take the chance







“A ship in harbor is safe – but that is not what ships are for”

– John A. Shedd, Salt from my Attic




The Game




The Game



The Game



He loves her

She loves him

But still they duck and hide

He wants her

She wants him

Why not just admit what’s inside?



He thinks she’s cool

She thinks he rocks

But they always deny it

He thinks she’s pretty

She thinks he’s hot

Their covert glances could start a riot



He wants to comfort her

She wants to make him dinner

Why not just do it?

He picks her up

She lets him help her

Everyone can see straight through it



He teases her

She smacks his arm

They try to hide their feelings

He knows she’s the one

She knows he’s the sun

They always leave each other reeling



He wants to tell her

She wants him to say it

But they never do

He’s scared he’ll lose her

She’s scared to let him see

Neither has a clue



He waits for some sign

She waits to see what he’ll do

So neither makes a move

He thinks she’s not interested

She thinks he wants someone else

Their stuck in a back ward grove



He decides to tell her

She decides he needs to know

They’re both scared to death

He musters up courage

She decides today’s the day

They both inhale the deepest breath…



He opens his heart

She tells the honest truth

They find it’s not so hard

He hangs on every word

She treasures every moment

All along they held the same winning card



He’s gone to heaven

She sees dreams coming true

It’s the end of the game

He holds her like he’ll never let go

She touches his heart

And life will never be the same









The One


The One



The One





He’s gonna break your heart

You just know it

Your face might wear a mask

But you’re pretty sure your words show it



He’s gonna make you cry

You just feel it

And what if the wound goes too deep this time

For your heart to heal it?




He’s gonna make you shatter

You can already tell

Cos Your heart is so tied to Him

Nothing can break the spell




He’s gonna bring you to despair

You can already see

But your heart keeps you standing there

Though your mind tells you to turn and flee




He’s gonna leave you wondering why

You know already

Cos His words you’ve come to trust

Without any guarantee that his heart is steady




He’s gonna be your bitterest regret

You know beyond a doubt

Because your heart can’t turn away

No matter how loud your instincts try to shout




He’s gonna be your sweetest sorrow

You know in your heart

Because you already dream of a time

You won’t ever have to be apart




He’s gonna be the unrequited love

You’ll  forever picture in your mind

Because He’s the one

Your drifting heart will somehow always find.










“There are times

When fear is good.

It must keep its

Watchful place

At the hearts controls”

– Aeschylus





To Live


To Live




 To Live





Just when you think you’ve got it all worked out

You blink and the world changes again

Bewildered you wonder what it’s all about

Is this another chance, or just more pain?




You’ve been walking life’s rocky path so long

Sometimes you just want to rest for a while

Stop searching for that place to belong

But then you look up – and you’re caught by a smile.




Is this the way life is supposed to be?

This up and down lurching roller coaster ride?

Walking some tight rope you can’t even see?

Losing your stomach as you start to slide?




It doesn’t seem right that it has to be so hard

Everyone has erected their barb wire fences

Their doors are locked, their windows barred

No one dares to risk – so up go their defenses.




Everyone seems to be playing some game

The rules are obscure and unclear

Winners seem to deal out their pain

And losers are left to cry in their fear.




But there you stand – open and bared

You thoughts and feelings out there easy to see

And even though you know you should be scared

You stay although experience is screaming at you to flee.




Sometimes you wish you were more guarded

Less trusting, less open, less caring

More suspicious, more hard hearted

Refuse to take risks, be less daring.




But if you were – what would your life be?

Nothing more than a padded prison

At least when you feel pain you feel it free

And when you bleed – your blood is crimson.




Proudly wear your heart on your sleeve

That’s not your problem – it’s your gift

It’s better to lose and better to grieve

Than to live a life unattached and adrift.




It’s better to hurt than to feel nothing at all

Take a leap and hit the ground

Living a life never to dare for fearing to fall

Would be like playing music without hearing the sound.




To truly live – that leap of faith you must take

For to live is to risk, is to dare, is to try

And one day you will catch that long awaited break

And the winds of change will carry you away, way up high.




So when you see that smile – don’t run and hide

When the drum beat begins – don’t say no

Be courageous, be strong – take that ride

Grab life by the hand, hold on tight – don’t let go.