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Tears We Never Shed

Tears quote for word press - skinny




Tears We Never Shed




Some tears we cry but never shed

We just bury them as deep as we can instead


Until the day the flood gates open

And we pour out all the grief that was never spoken


Grief for all that we’ve seen

For all the hurt

For all of what could’ve been

Pushed down and repressed in our crying heart

Till it over flows and finally bursts apart


On that day we spell it out

Give voice to the woe

Put it where it deserves to be

Where it needs to go


Sometimes it’s the deepest hurts

The ones we can’t do anything about

That we refuse to look at

We refuse to feel

To cry

To shout


But as we say the words and cry the tears

As we feel the pain

We shed our fears


With nothing more to hold inside

We can finally breathe

We feel a new wind on our face

Give sorrow a reprieve


Like a candle glowing in the dark

Like the day that follows night

We will find the way again

We will find the light


Then we can look back

In memory and not in pain

Look back with wisdom at times that will never come again


The hurt dissipates once all the tears are gone

And rainbow skies appear

So bright

So clear


And your heart moves on








Awake! March 2014 “Your Mysterious Tears”






Skin Bottle


skin bottle - for blog



Skin Bottle





In the dead of night

Just before dawn

Mourning begins

And the tears are warm


Questions unanswered

From back at the start

There’s no way to know

What lies in another’s heart


Revealed through fire

When it’s all too late

Nothing left to do

But obey and wait


She turned her back

Walked away

From those who loved her

And the world turned grey


The mystery was alluring

The need was strong

Didn’t want to hear

Refused to be wrong


A hollow void

Carved out by a man

Was suddenly filled

With glittering sand


Warm and inviting

Covering every pot hole and sin

But only as long as

There is no gust of strong wind


In love with a shadow

With nothing real to say

So many voices calling

But she wouldn’t stay


Kept enthralled

By a rebels song

A self centered will

A heart headstrong


Choices are made

A path is chosen

Lives become splintered

Bonds are broken


An act of betrayal

Too painful to ignore

No one to beg

No one to implore


The anguish of a mother

A heart come undone

Silent tears of a brother

Wanting to run and run


A sisters every fear

Realized in a night

No one to go to

To make it alright


The die was cast

The stone was set

So now it’s time to move on

Time to let live and forget


There is no question

When it’s black and it’s white

You must go on

Though it feels a hopeless plight


This mourning will pass

Though it may dawn again

But it’s not unnoticed

And it’s not in vain


Tears and heartache

For a just cause

Won’t go unanswered

Or fall without reward


For nothing is impossible

There is a mountain of proof

When we put our trust

In the God of all truth


He knows the pain of betrayal

That bites deep like a knife

He knows it wounds and scars

That it changes your life


He’s lost love too

And knows the anguish

So he won’t forget us

Our fear he can vanquish


With care and affection

Our wounds he will bind

Our hurts will be lessened

It just takes some time


In a skin bottle

Is where he stores all our tears

Surely he does the same

With our pain and our fears


So let go and move on

Though weary through the night

Sure that hope remains

To those who try to do what is right


He’s not looking for perfection

He’s looking for love

Those that love may fall

But he’s keeping watch from above


When you’re crawling

When you’re stumbling around

He’s there beside you

Helping pick you up off the ground


So take the hand he is offering

Let him pull you near

You’ll feel his warm assurance

As he collects up all your tears


Know he feels our pain

When he sees our sorrow

And he promises an everlasting

And happy tomorrow








“Those sowing seed with tears, will reap even with a joyful cry.”

– Psalms 126:5



“Jehovah is near to those broken at heart;

And those who are crushed in spirit he saves.”

– David, Son of Jesse, Psalms 34:8 



“With men this is impossible,

but with God all things are possible.”

– Jesus Christ, Matthew 19, 26





Last Chorus Last Song


Tears and Memory



Last Chorus Last Song




I don’t know what I feel

I don’t know why I cry

I don’t know what these tears are for

When we already said goodbye




I don’t know what to think

I don’t know what to say

I didn’t see it coming

When we already went our own way




Is it the end of an era

Is it the beginning of the past

Is it the questions left unanswered

That make me feel this at last




Is it the memories that linger

Is it the feeling still there

Is it the smile in my heart

That finally lays it all bare




The heart is a funny thing

The heart fools and lies

The heart finds a way back

Even after all the goodbyes




The heart may still be weeping

The heart may still miss that face

The heart might still be wounded

Even when you’re in a truly happy place




So this is the final goodbye

So this is the final so long

So these are the last notes

The last chorus of the last song




A smile lingers as fall those last tears

A last chord plays and fades softly away

And a wish, a hope, goes out to the universe

It’s a brand new song, a brand new day









“Hate leaves ugly scars, love leaves beautiful ones”

– Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966



“True love stories never have endings”.

– Richard Bach



“The music may have stopped

but my heart beats to another tune,

this rhythm called love”

– A.C. Van Cherub





No More, No More

No more no more


No More, No More



This is the last time

A last encore

No more weeping for you

No more, no more

Every time I think

That my tears are done

I find myself on the floor

As the salt water runs

Running down my face

Washing everything away

Away every memory

Of every happy day

Falling into oblivion

Falling running pouring down

Emotions pooling on the ground

A life left there to drown

This is the last time

I promise I swear

The jar is empty

The cupboard is bare

A life stripped down

And swept away

Nothing left to lose

Nothing to give away

Promises that were given

Were given in vain

A heart afflicted

Afflicted again and again

Sliding and falling

Slip sliding away

Hope sighing and whispering

And then fading away

I was wrong so wrong

Wrong in every way

Truth a fearsome warrior

That memories slay

A life slaughtered

Mourned without a wake

Nothing left to give

Nothing left to take

Nothing left but dust

Dust and decay

And when summer rains fall

Its all washed away

Now crying eyes are tired

Tired and sore

Every emotion has washed them

Washed them red raw

So this is the last time

Tears will stain this floor

No more weeping for you

No more, no more








“Do not give what is holy to dogs

Nor throw your pearls before swine,

So that they may never trample them under their feet

And turn around and rip you open.”

– Jesus Christ, Matthew 7:6




Just Be There


Just be there - long collage




Just Be There





I don’t know why

But I feel so sad

Those old demons

Have got me bad



There’s a big black cloud

Hanging over my head

It’s telling me I should

Just stay in bed



I don’t understand

Why I feel this way

But I wish the whole world

Would just go away



No one wants to see

The sadness inside

So behind my smile

I’ll let it hide



They don’t want to hear

The tears I shed

So they fall in silence

And I laugh instead



They don’t look too close

In case they see

The sorrow and fear

Still alive in me



It’s uncomfortable to face

Another’s pain

It’s easier just to leave

Them alone in the rain



They want me to be

Happy and light

They want me to say

I’m fine every thing is alright



But it’s too hard 

To always be the happy clown

Eventually the happy

Just brings you down



The end of a life

Is something to mourn

Dreams ripped apart

A gaping hole torn



The final last breath

Of a very good thing

Is like the bitter cold of winter

Not a bright sunny spring



Some stories are tragic

Their endings are vile

And you can’t make it better

With a laugh and a smile



You can’t replace a broken life

Over night

You can’t take all the wrong

And make it instantly right



You can’t rebuild a broken heart

With a hammer and nail

There are no quick miracle cures

For the deep wounds of betrayal



Sorrow takes time to abate

And fear to allay

And the scars from those jaggered wounds

May never truly fade away



Tomorrow is on its way

It will inevitably come

And with it

The rising of a bright new sun



And I’ll most likely smile

When I see that dawn

And I’ll feel like laughing

When I bask in all the golden warm



But today I’m sad

And I’m in pain

And I’m standing with my face

Turned up to feel the cold cold rain



And I’ll feel it all

And want to cry

So if you ask me

Don’t expect a lie



Don’t tell me to laugh

To be happy and smile

Just tell me

You’ll stand by me a while




All you have to do

If you truly care

Is take my hand

And just be there












Collage for Broken





Ignoring my please and my cries

Immune to the tears in my eyes

He threw away my love and took my life

He may as well have carved out my heart with a knife



Would have given my life to save his

But he left me alone and gave me this

Turned his back, walked away, didn’t care

Left me drowning in grief, suffocating in despair



And now he comes again dragging me back

More pain to inflict, old wounds to stab

With more sins to hide and lies to tell

He’s taking me with him, down to hell



Eyes shut to the neon crimson of my pain

A heart broken in pieces all over again

Torn and bleeding scattered across the floor

I just can’t take any of it anymore



How many times can one soul die

Drowning in the tears tired eyes have cried?

How many times spent alone in an endless night

Before a crushed spirit gives up the fight?



How much loss do I have to take?

Weeping at this funeral without a wake?

These hot pokers keep stabbing through

I never saw them coming, I never knew



How many times must the innocent pay?

Cos these snapping dogs just won’t go away

Lost everything that ever mattered

Now they come to crush a soul already shattered



Want to sleep where it’s safe and warm

Just can’t take the bitter cold anymore

Can’t run, can’t hide, can’t cry, can’t scream

Can’t wake up from this nightmare dream



All the things I thought I knew

Burned to ashes, leaving just what’s true

The dreams, the hopes, what I believe

Are washed away by tears as I grieve



Feeling like I can’t go on

How long must I sing this heartbreak song?

How can I win when it’s all so wrong?

Just been struggling alone for far too long.






~ written when sorely in need of a ‘eucatastrophe’ ~



“I coined the word ‘eucatastrophe’: The sudden happy turn in a story which pierces you with joy that brings tears… I concluded by saying that the Resurrection was the greatest ‘eucatastrophe’ possible in the greatest Fairy Story – and produces that essential emotion: Christian joy… it comes from those places where joy and sorrow are at one, reconciled, as selfishness and altruism are lost in love.”

– J. R. R. Tolkien